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Unlike other SOCOM games released for the PS3, SOCOM 4 returns to Zipper Interactive’s experienced hands for a numerical sequel worthy of the SOCOM name. With a full campaign mode, online co-op missions, and the biggest online multiplayer mode the SOCOM series has ever offered, do you even need full PlayStation Move support? Still, in an online world of fast paced first person shooters, can a tactical third-person shooter survive?

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Sev2805d ago

Fair review. SOCOM 4 ain't no 3/10. Not a 10/10 either. Somewhere right in between. Not bad, not great, good enough.

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BigWoopMagazine2805d ago

This is pretty much what I expected, good review! With certain other games releasing at the same time, I'm fine with passing this over, but may pick it up later down the line.

dragon822804d ago

I will be getting this and Portal 2 next week.

Silly Mammo2802d ago

That's how i feel. I had this pre-ordered but cancelled it. i can wait for the price to come down. Besides, i'm still having a blast with KZ3.

knifefight2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I love in reviews when people name a certain thing and then ask "Anyone?"

Taggart4512805d ago

Hmm...still wondering if I should get it then. I've never played any of the other SOCOM games and this one peaked my interest. But I don't know anymore. We'll see.

BlackTar1872805d ago

well this isnt like the other socoms so give it a chance with a clean slate and you will probably enjoy it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Rent the game.

But for me, I already pre ordered the game, it's a good Tactical Shooter.

Lifewish2804d ago

You should still pick up the game, it is a very good shooter.

mastiffchild2804d ago

Yeah, also remember what you thought about MAG as a decent guideline(better guide than previous SOCOM games in my eyes anyway)as , though I've played only a few hours beta at a mates, I thought in basics it played a lot like a TPS MAG just without the obvious numbers. Another thing to remember about the MP from MAG is just how much post release work Zipper give to their games and customers-SOCOM 4 WILL only get better and slicker and if you're in at the start yours will be one of the voices changing the game for the better.

SOCOM have always been "Marmite" games to some extent and the up and down reviews for S4 show that that's about the only thing consistent with the rest of the series here(it REALLY isn't a game to please long term die hard Socom2 fans but, imho, it wasn't ever likely to be and would an HD SOCOM2 really be successful these days? I dunno, and I was one of those playing on PS2 almost religiously)-this review dislikes the SP while other ones I've seen rated the SP HIGHER than the MP(often because it's NOT like S2, mind, which seems a shitty way to judge a game-because it's not enough like one from years ago in the same series? What are we after? More game series like COD which change little bar the uniforms yearly?)so it's one of the instances, again like MAG, where it's going to be entiely down to whether it hits the spot for you. I'm tempted to think that even though it's NOT SOCOM2 it migfht well end up being THAT game but just NOT for the same group of people. If ou DO like it, guess I'm saying, there's a chance you'll REALLY love it. Happened for a lot of people playing MAG among my mates and as it always has with previous Zipper games I see the same thing happening again it's just a shame it hasn't happened for the SOCOM veterans this time round after so many of us battled through the early nightmares with Confrontation and /6 to get to this point-I GET why some of our number are pissed off, seriously, but I just didn't share the expectation that this game was going to play a lot like old SOCOMs.

Also, I still think it's fairer to judge the game on it's own merits and not on how little like SOCOM2 it might be.

Silver_Faux2804d ago

Yeah your right about the "marmite" (or in my case "vegimite") call on the game. People either seem to be loving it or hating it....and this game has gotten ALOT of hate, which in my opinion is not right. MAG also got a lot of hate from critics alike, with scores around 7ish.

I played the Socom 4 beta and was instantly hooked. even though it (just like MAG) has a very steep learning curve, so will definetly be picking this up next week, despite all these reviews.

As a side note, i'm starting to believe, judging from some other reviews on the game concerning the multiplayer, that because its a hard game reviewers are marking the game down because.....they suck.

Jim Sterlings review at destructiod, terrible! He goes on about all these issues that are prevelant in the multiplayer that i did not see in my time in the beta.

The only problem i encounter is the teleporting grenade glitch, which is actually quite funny, but im sure it'l get patched.

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FailOverHero2804d ago

IGN gave them the same score, I predict that this game will end up in the 7 - 7.5 margin if sites like PLAYSTATION lifestyle are scoring it a 7 too.

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