Forget About The 3DS and NGP. The Supaboy Is Here!

Who needs crappy 3D graphics or portable versions of games no one has ever heard of like Uncharted? The Hyperkin Supaboy is a handheld Snes and it's coming soon!

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Dart892440d ago

That's awesome any news on the price??

Joni-Ice2440d ago

I am not forgetting about the NGP. I just cant right now.

wwm0nkey2440d ago

so its a GBA? not bad for $70 i guess.

CrzyFooL2440d ago

I already have a GBA. Also, SEGA Nomad called, it wants it's idea back.

Masterchef20072440d ago

That looks extremely bulky. Anyways i dont see the point if you can just download SNES games on the 3DS just like you can download any PSN game onto the NGP

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