Get a Gears of War 3 Beta Code For a Measly $5 Bucks Right Now Beginning next week, if you own Bulletstorm, or on April 25th if you pre-ordered the game at Gamestop, you will get to experience the Gears of War 3 beta, something we talk about a lot here at GF. While most die hard fans will already have their codes what if you either A) dont want to buy Bulletstorm just to play it early or B) dont really know if you will like the game enough to pre-order it and pay for it in full this fall? We have a solution for you…

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S_C2806d ago

Or why dont you just pre order the game and get one free

LOGICWINS2806d ago

YUP, and if u think it sucks, u can just go back and get a refund on ur pre-order.

despair2806d ago

Doubt there will be many refunds though, the game looks Epic *Pun intended.

Therealspy032806d ago

did you read the article? that's exactly what it says.

kenpachi2806d ago

I have one for EU if any is interested in it

S_C2806d ago

Ye go on then ill have it off you please saves me going down to GAME to pre order it then if you dont mind

S_C2806d ago

To late sorry mate hes already given me it, once again thanks kenpachi mate

RedDeadLB2806d ago

God damn it, why doesn't the game come out for PC aswell?

montyburns0002806d ago

how is this news? this has been known since pre-orders were made available months ago

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