DICE prepped for Xbox 720, PS4 arrival, Battlefield 3 pushing current consoles to 'absolute limit'

The console versions of Battlefield 3 will push Xbox 360 and PS3 to their technical limits, according to DICE - and the studio isn't scared by the prospect of Microsoft or Sony unveiling a new home console tomorrow.

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GodofwarGoty2804d ago

Dice we all are prepped to see what you will bring to the next Gen Consoles.

TheLeprachaun2804d ago

So that's Epic, DICE and Ubisoft saying they're ready for the next gen. I'm sure more will join them over the next 18 months.

Active Reload2804d ago

"Dice we all are prepped to see what you will bring to the next Gen Consoles."

As long as it's not a military shooter, I'll agree with this statement. I don't want to sound like I'm hating, but these types of games--what are they really bringing to the industry? Great narrative? Great gameplay? The last military shooter I spent $60 on was COD 4 and everything else that's come along afterwards has done nothing but chase the coattails of that said game.

Keith Olbermann2804d ago

Im glad Dice is ready but the rest of the world is not. The economy all over the planet is in the crapper and I dont see many consumers jumping on board a brand new system atm.

plb2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Why does DICE feel the need to keep saying this every other day? Seems like I'm reading the same thing over and over and over again nearly every day here. Some perspective on cost... Dice showcases BF3 using a GTX580 a $500 card. The unreal demo used 3 of those. Factor in the cost of the additional hardware and you are looking at large sum of money for a next gen console today. No thanks I'll wait.

DanSolo2804d ago


Chances are mate DICE are NOT saying the same thing every day.... it is just game websites saying it every day....

Ya know to..... gets hits and shits!

HolyOrangeCows2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

And then they'll get the low sales that they're begging for.

"Derp! Release new consoles! We want the current userbases to drop back teh zero! We want development costs to skyrocket! We can't seem to make technically sound games, so give us more powerful, expensive hardware so that we don't have to become more talented at programming!"

MitchGE2803d ago

Maybe DICE should master this generation of consoles before moving onto the next. Nothing they've released on consoles thus far was ever close to being graphics king of its time. True, I don't believe they've ever claimed this before, and this is on their Frostbite 2.0 engine which is very impressive, but Crytek has one of the most advanced engines in all of gaming and still couldn't make it look better on consoles than the exclusive giants on PS3 (Uncharted 2/3, Killzone 3, God Of War III, InFamous 2).

If Battlefield 3 on consoles looks and runs as good or better than Killzone 3, then they're pushing the limits. It's possible but after Crytek failed to do it, I have my doubts.

/inb4igetinsultedbythepeoplew hoactuallythinkcrysis2onconsole sisgraphicsking

DaTruth2803d ago

"will push Xbox 360 and PS3 to their technical limits"

We've heard this before and it is nothing to get excited about! Often it means a subHD glitchfest, that somehow doesn't look as good as many games on the market for these consoles!

No swing at Dice, but I get really skeptical when I hear this phrase, no matter who's saying it!

Ducky2803d ago

"We want development costs to skyrocket! We can't seem to make technically sound games, so give us more powerful, expensive hardware so that we don't have to become more talented at programming!"

Gotta love that.
Developers want better hardware to improve games, and you're calling them lazy for wanting to do more.

Shut up dice, we're happy with linear, 720p and 30fps games.

Bob5702803d ago

I've been ready for at least a year now. I honestly don't expect an announcement until next year at E3 though.

Assuming Microsoft continues Halo every 3 years, 343i's Halo game will hit in 2013, and since Microsoft has complete control over 343i, they may want to use a Halo title to sell their next console, so it would make a great launch title.

That's just what I think may end up happening.

ikkokucrisis2803d ago

They actually have the next generation tools, it's just not a completely new console. MOVE and KINECT are out DICE.

Stop the talking and start the programming.

Ready, set, go.

DeadlyFire2803d ago

You left out Crytek Leprachaun. They are also ready. As well as id Software. With their Tech 5 engine to debut in RAGE. They are already saying its going to be the best looking game.

CryEngine 3, Unreal Engine 4.0, Frostbite 2.0, What kinda next gen tech is Ubisoft hiding or riding on into next Generation?

I say E3 2011/2012 will have some big bang impacts. Just because economy sucks doesn't mean business has to halt. Just because consoles haven't hit the same numbers as last generation doesn't mean we have to wait for them. PS3/X360 should have another 5 years in stores. Can't afford it then its not that big of a deal. Eventually you will.

As long as next Gen stays below $500 bucks you shouldn't have to worry about consumers jumping on board. I say they will aim for $400 bucks.

I am more than happy to see what DICE does. Likely battlefield related, but I am in love with Battlefield. As long as it isn't released every year and milked to death. Last Battlefield game came out in 2005. Battlefield 3 coming in 2011. That kinda release schedule is awesome. Gives gamers time to love the game, play it, Mod it, slap a few personal touches to it, and beg for another one. Maybe I am one of few one likes games to be made once every 5 years. 3 isn't a bad number either. As long as production lasts at least 2 years for quality.

tigertron2803d ago

@ Keith Olbermann

I agree with you to a certain extent, but there will always be a demand for expensive electronic products. Just take a look at the Ipad 2 for instance, just because we're in tough times doesn't necessarily mean that the demand isn't there.

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RioKing2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

"studio isn't scared by the prospect of Microsoft or Sony unveiling a new home console tomorrow."

Yeah, why they be scared of seeing a new console tomorrow when there WON'T be one tomorrow haha, more like 3 years down the road. I'm not afraid of Armageddon tomorrow....because I know it's not happening!

Edit: I'm not saying I don't believe that they're ready for it though. If anyone's ready, it's them. I DON'T, however, believe Ubisoft...they talked sh*t on the PS3 around launch saying it was too difficult to develop on...

MysticStrummer2803d ago

Either they have finalized specs for the next generation of consoles already or they're simply talking trash. My money is on the latter.

Perjoss2803d ago

"more like 3 years down the road"

that's what microsoft wants everyone to think, but the best thing that happened to the 360 was the year head start, they will really want that 1 year again before the PS4.

RioKing2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

I think 3 years is a realistic number (i hope I'm wrong), the next-gen xbox could come out before ps4 but you can't look at the past and be sure ps4 will come out a year later again. It's not like Microsoft is this super-evil-genius company and Sony's just stupid...they're both smart, and last time Sony paid badly for the later you can't count on them wanting to make that mistake again...

Bob5702803d ago

Next gen is all the time for us.

NewZealander2803d ago

yeah theres no point holding devs back with old hardware, its time to move on.

i for one cant wait for the next gen consoles to hit the market, im seriously wanting more then the current gen can deliver.

R6ex2803d ago

Bring on the Next Gen Consoles already!

The Box is such OLD TECH!

I can't wait! =)

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Shikoro2804d ago

That's the way to go. If all developers were like this then everybody would be happy. I hope that they deliver an equal console experience on both platforms. :)

S_C2804d ago

I cant wait for this game but the amount a talking they are doing is really starting to get on my nerves, i hope they are concentrating on the game as much as they are talking about it. I understand that they got to hype their game up but theres an article like this everyday on here and its just starting to get abit boring now.

chak_2804d ago

I'm sure they are, but it's part of their 'COD takedown' program.

Talk, raise interest, deliver, cash !

I hope.

S_C2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I understand that this is part of thier plan to take down COD and i hope it does so that Activision raises their game for the COD series after all theres no harm in competition.
But i hope theres not an article about this game everyday up intil the release other wise im going to be bored of the game before ive even played it which is not good.

I know its going to get worse due to E3 being round the corner but at least then we will have new footage of the game and new news about the game not the same thing over and over. Its like the COD PR team they hype and hype their game and the only thing they have left is for the consumer to be disapointed. Yes hype your game but not releasing a article everyday saying the same thing

ASSASSYN 36o2804d ago

It's called marketing. And it is absolutely nothing new to gaming. Devs even request to be interviewed. Not everyone reads n4g and/or buys gaming magazines. I recommend you simply avoid the articles if you feel bored buy the quantity. But it only gets worse from here, through e3 and as the game nears availability.

2804d ago
DanSolo2804d ago

@ S_C

I know what you mean mate, I don't much like the hype bandwagon either..... it's just crap to always hear hype!

But, in this case I can sympathize with DICE as they are trying to go head to head with COD and therefore they need to build some hype and talk around this game in order to get it in peoples thoughts before it is released... and it is not the Battlefield fans that the hype will be directed at as they know we will already be planning to get it!

Just look at 2 of the games franchises that get all the sales.
COD and GTA....
And why do soooo many people que up for hours to get those games??
Partly because there have been genuinely enjoyable versions of those games in the past...
But also because of the hype....
A mixture of "teh bestest game evar" and the controversy that puts the games in the spotlight.

And it is a sad and unfortunate truth that in order to compete, other companies will use the same tactics!

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Droid Control2804d ago

Everyone wants next gen consoles. Crystek, Ubisoft, Captom, and now DICE.

Give us a hard core next gen gaming system M$, leave the 360 to the casuals.

VampiricDragon_2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

actually more companies dont want new consoles.....Alot have said that even higher development costs wont help the industry.

and capcom is actually one of them. Most cant handle its not the systems that have lead us to a gaming depression, its the lack of originality and talent

ASSASSYN 36o2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

O'rly http://www.computerandvideo... this capcom exec says otherwise. Capcom is anticipating taking their games to the next level just like all major game companies. They have ideas and plans that just can not be implemented on current systems just like steel battalion series could not be done on the Ps2. and capcom definitely has the finances to make the jump to next gen gaming. Yes cost may rise like it did with this gen. But the benifits out weigh the cost when you release solid titles. It's a gamble and they have known as much for well over 20+ years. Your talking about a veteran in the gaming industry you know.

ChozenWoan2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

The current consoles cost $300 on average, so how much would a gen8 console cost if released this or next year. $500-$600 for a new console at this point in time would be suicide for any console maker. Then add in the price for Kinect or Move and you've one very expensive console that wont have any true software support beyond what this gens consoles can deliver.

Nintendo is the only one likely to release a new console and the Wii2 will actually bring them in line with this gens graphics. And the MSRP will likely be $299 which is exactly where the rest of this gen's consoles are priced.

So I honestly don't expect to see the next gen until around 2014-15... cause gamers just can't afford to buy a gen8 console at this time.


I find it funny how you mentioned as a prime example that Steel Battalion couldn't be done on the PS2.......... yet we haven't seen one on the 360. I'm just saying.

Devs and Pubs are always going to say they are ready for the next gen/future of whatever. If they don't, it will cause investors to wonder about their long term future. It's just a common business practice to "instill confidence", just like officials will say "don't panic" in the middle of a crisis.... it's their job to say such things.

ASSASSYN 36o2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

I find it funny your are oblivious to why it could not be done on the ps2. It was done on the xbox, it was because the harddrive they all contained which at the time of development the ps2 external hdd had yet to be released. And about steel battalion on Xbox 360. You never heard of steel battalion heavy armour?what's wrong... You didn't get the memo? Who is this we you are mentioning. Because we who played steel battalion and steel battilion line of contact have heard about it. Let me help you understand something that should be super simple. If it could be done on the Xbox. It can be done on the 360. Same for ps2 and ps3. Quit fishing cause you look stupid. knock yourself out turbo. Now you can join the 'we'.

ChozenWoan2804d ago

ASSASSYN 36o... You still fail.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is an XBox game.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a Kinect game that has yet to be released and we have not seen any gameplay. However, being a Kinect game it's certainly not going to have the level of control that the first game had... which is what made it great.

Not to mention the 360 has been out for 6yrs and this is the first Steel Battalion for it, and it's a Kinect game?!? If Capcom was that ready then for the next gen why has it taken 6yrs for one of the most legendary games for the xbox to finally be released this gen... and it is in the form of a Kinect game.

In the end your still missing the point. The industry is not ready for gen8 consoles. Gamers are not ready, Devs and Pubs are not ready, and neither are the console makers ready.

Dice are just giving us the usual PR talk and you failed for it hook line and sinker. Give it up, we are just getting to the good part of this gen so sit back and enjoy.

There has been talk of the next gen consoles on N4G for the past two years and will be more of it for at least 2-4 more. Lets just enjoy the great games of this gen as the best has yet to come.

RevXM2804d ago

Im curious.
why would it cost more to make games on the next consoles?

Wouldn't New tech mean that new stuff becomes possible with no to little effort.
To make a good looking game with no sweat?

Also it is entirely up to the devs how much they want to spend on each project.
They choose, what, how, why, when.

ChozenWoan2804d ago

Each polygon, texture, sound, animation, word of a script, and line of code has to be made/edited by someone. More content = more people on the payroll, thus it costs more to make the game.

While it's true that 1 person can make a great game such as Limbo or Braid, it is also true that it would take that same person a lifetime to make GT5 or Battlefield 3.

The level of detail that is expected of the next gen of games is going to be Olympic. Think Scifi movie level CGI but in realtime, then add in destructible environments and massive multiplayer with a high level of customization. That is what gamers are expecting of the next gen consoles.

To create such a game requires a lot of work, and thus a lot of workers getting paid. Which equals a lot of money for devs, who get paid by publishers... who want extravagant returns on their investments.

baodeus2803d ago


1. game development cost also increase -> like chozen woan said (before: few people working on 1 game, now: 100 or even more just for one game and longer development time as well).

2. would people buy new consoles at higher price in this economy? I would say highly unlikely. If that is true, then game developers won't see high return. They already result to selling DLCs (to make up on development costs, etc...) as it is.

It is hard to say, and currently, it seems both sony and MS, except wii, are unwilling to start next gen just yet. But maybe E3 might change that and see who might take that leap of faith.

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VampiricDragon_2804d ago

^ all they said is they expect it in 2-3 years. Your making the rest up yourself.

And have the development costs made this gen better? not really.

ASSASSYN 36o2804d ago

There has been plenty casualties this gen due to gaming cost. More game companies have closed this gen than I can remember. But I don't just blame the cost of gaming. I blame a lot of it on the fact we were ass deep in a recession. But overall gaming cost have not helped much. But the demand from gamers to have better quality and detailed games has consistently risen and will continue. New consoles and more powerful PCs are simply a reflection of that.

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VampiricDragon_2804d ago

if you gave me a nickel something was pushed to the limit........Id be rich

DelbertGrady2804d ago

DICE actually deployed the Sony 1st party Max-O-Meter calculation framework in order to do an in-depth analysis of Battlefield 3's level of maxedoutness.