Saving Content - RIFT Review

"We're not in Azeroth anymore." With this bold statement, RIFT entered the MMORPG ring this past March to go toe to toe with the current heavyweight, World of Warcraft. But is it any match for the game that has dominated the online RPG market since its debut? Is it better than WoW? Should you unsubscribe to WoW and pick up this game ASAP? When will Guild Wars 2 come out? (Answer: NEVER.) All this and more will be answered in this review!

The gist of the story is a big jerk named Regulos is destroying Telara by tearing open elemental rifts that plague the world. As a result, the people of Telara use various means to bring back departed souls as godless killing machines (i.e. you, the player), otherwise known as the Ascended. It is up to You, The Player to undo all the harm Regulos has wrought upon Telara, close some rifts, do sum dungeons, and beat up other players in PvP battlegrounds.

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