Wii Price Cut Next Month Means Nintendo Has 'Something Much Bigger' for E3

Last night the folks at Engadget reported that a "trusted source" has indicated that Wii will drop to $150 on May 15. The timing (before E3 in June) seems odd, but if it's actually true Nintendo could be readying a new console announcement for E3. "Most video game companies withhold their biggest announcements until E3 and if Nintendo chooses to announce a Wii price drop before their E3 press conference, they must have something much bigger to announce. There are very few announcements that would eclipse a hardware price cut," EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told IndustryGamers.

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Titanz2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

E3 Megaton.

a_bro2775d ago

well, that and the Wii's successor probably...

VampiricDragon_2775d ago

xenoblade,last story localizations and more 3ds game announcements

Venox20082775d ago

I hope that a lot of games will be anounced for Wii ...and no need for Wii2.. disagree all you want :)

a08andan2775d ago

I think its time for a Wii 2 that supports at least 720p due to the fact that, at least in the west, they don't manufacture sub-HD tv:s anymore :P

truehunter2775d ago

EDTV never lasted to begin with, just like 720p TV. Basicly we went from 480i/p an jump too 1080p TV.
720p has been use sence early 90s if u had PC back then. pc monitor in those days are ether sub-hd or full 720p. off couse we are living in 2011 most pc monitor are 1080 up too 1600 or higher.

Rybakov2775d ago

i think someone is assuming to much but always a possibility

telekineticmantis2775d ago

Please no, please don't force us into the next gen with a wii 2 anouncement.

donniebaseball2775d ago

It's more like Nintendo finally entering the current gen with a new system. Wii has last gen specs.

truehunter2775d ago

the wii is like PS2.5, sence Wii spec is nearly 90% better then PS2. unlike PS360 witch jump by 10x from last gen.

Raven_Nomad2775d ago

Price cuts are coming to all the consoles this year, doesn't mean new consoles are being released right now. Probably not for another couple of years.

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The story is too old to be commented.