Ridge Racer Unfounded

DGP: "Watching Bugbear try to dress up the granddaddy of arcade racers in a new urban street racing outfit to conform to the crowd just feels…wrong. We have to respect our elders after all, a lesson that Bugbear do not seem to have grasped."

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SuperSaiyan42807d ago

You mean Unbounded? Which isn't even a word lol

ComboBreaker2806d ago

Please go bankrupt so other more creative Japanese studios (such as Atlus and Level 5) can get a chance to shine.

Right now, Namco and SE are saturating the market too much with their craps. Seriously, Mind Jack?

Quagmire2806d ago

I would agree with you, aside from the fact they own the Tekken series. If Namco goes down, so does Tekken, and I DON'T want that to happen.

rockleex2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

If Namco goes bankrupt, someone else could just buy up their studios and talent.

If Sony buys them, it'd be a great thing. Tales series could become a proper AAA JRPG series.

Ridge Racer, Tekken, etc would all have the necessary budget and direction needed to become AAA games.

tails132806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I think they used 'unfounded' as a play on words, because it rhymes with the real title of the game.

On the topic of the game though, this is the first Ridge Racer title I've actually been interested in.

I've played a few of the earlier games, including the PS/arcade original but I always found them so...boring.

How ever the first two trailers have been pretty average. Bugbear can make good games though, the first two Flatout games are awesome.

Kurt Russell2806d ago

Ridge Racer is my favourite arcade franchise by a long shot, I love the retro way it still handled and how it was easy to play hard to master. As long as they keep those aspects I don't mind what the polish looks like.

sonicsidewinder2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Namco were awesome back in the day. Great games (Tekken, Ridger Race, Time Crisis) and their sound-team were high class!

Track from Air Combat: (friggin awesome :P)

lzim2805d ago

Since Criterion has allowed Crash gameplay to leak, shouldn't Namco at least provide us (anyone interested in this game) with something?