Interview With the Design Director of Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice is the upcoming release from TimeGate Studios that is a direct sequel of the full priced Section 8 game that released toward the end of 2009. We also know that Prejudice will be downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC for $14.99. However, other than that the information has been rather limited. Hopefully this BattleStrats interview with Brett Norton, Section 8: Prejudice's Design Director, will help answer any question you have about the game and better prepare you for release day April 20th.

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yarbie10002774d ago

p r e j u d i c e ...word to ya mutha

xxxAnubisxxx2774d ago

This game looks pretty damn good, especially for a download. Hope the servers are truly better, like he said