Rare: Voice commands key to Kinect

MCV writes:
Kinect Sports developer Rare believes voice control will be instrumental in the future of Kinect games.

“We’re going to make using your voice much more front and centre – we’ve just scratched the surface on that,” Rare’s studio manager Scott Henson told MCV

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SuperSaiyan42804d ago

Unless they can drastically improve the response time as I used to have Kinect and by the time you told it open the disc tray you could have gotten up done it in less than half of the time.

ComboBreaker2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

in the form of Milo. And that got nowhere. Now, they're promising the same thing again?

Wow, Kinect is all about empty promises after empty promises.

So in the future, Microsoft wants us to command our character in CoD with your voice, not with buttons.

For example, to throw a grenade, you must command Kinect: "Kinect, throw a grenade 35 degree to my left, with a speed of X, and an acceleration of Y, at Z angle. Now, run at a distance of U, at a pace of V, to point P."

Totally impractical.

zootang2803d ago

I don't see why you couldn't just use the headset for voice control. Save you a lot of money.

kneon2803d ago

That's right, Kinect isn't needed for voice control, all you need is a mic and the right software.

gamingdroid2803d ago

You must be a really slow speaker!

Redgehammer2802d ago

Then something about your Kinect was off, mine is responsives, can hear me speaking low, or with Last FM jamming.

-Alpha2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

It's an interesting concept and something I think all three will push.

Nintendo has it with the DS, and I remember some war game had it not too long ago for consoles

I think voice control would really integrate a level of immersion alongside 3D gaming, augmented reality, surround sound, motion, etc. Gaming is slowly taking steps into virtual reality and voice command is a big feature in that regard

Imagine simply calling out players in Fallout instead of running after them:

"Yo, Seller dude, get over here!..Yeah shutup, gimme 10 boxes of ammo, 3 stimpacks, 12 stealth boys...kthxbai"

It could make mundane tasks a lot simpler to do and I'm sure we can see support for it grow.

A big part of this is detail. These days there is a focus on realism. But I imagine in the future games having voice recognition seamlessly integrated as if its natural. Imagine how gameplay could be affected by that.

However, a lot of this technology is slow to be utilized. Move and Kinect are both products that are secondary to the main PS3 and 360 and if not everyone is on board then this utilization will likely not move forward as much as we hyped it.

Perhaps this technology is a little too soon and too unimportant to focus on today, but I can just imagine how far gaming could go 50 years from now with what today's generation is trying to pioneer.

I'm not a fan of motion gaming in general, but I really do think what is being pushed with these products, however they turn out, are natural steps for the future of gaming.

omi25p2803d ago

tom clancys end war had voice commands, it was sort of like a command and conquer game

-Alpha2803d ago

That's the one I was thinking of, thanks

gamingdroid2803d ago

"Perhaps this technology is a little too soon and too unimportant to focus on today, but I can just imagine how far gaming could go 50 years from now with what today's generation is trying to pioneer."

50 years? That's a long long time from now. In the computer world, that is like 5 centuries! We only need 10 years tops if the technology takes off, then companies will put massive amount of resources into it.

Masterchef20072802d ago

It would be great to have this tech but its way too young to implement at the moment. I used voice commands with Kinect and the device has trouble reconizing what i say because of my half american spanish accent. And the same thing happend with my german friend it could not reconize his voice. Heck even my moms car cant seem to reconize anyones voice you tell it one thing and it completly ignores you.

To sum it up the tech is a great idea but its not advanced enough to be usefull in games.

Troll_Police2803d ago

Rare used to be my favorite developer know......

Elven62803d ago

Yeah, they went exclusive and you don't have the console they develop for. You should try some of their DS games if you have a DS compatible device then.

madjedi2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

@Elven6 "Yeah, they went exclusive and you don't have the console they develop for." No but i am sure your only capable of seeing that from a defensive 360 owner viewpoint.

The last real game they made was banjo kazzoie nuts and bolts(that i know of), if they were working on relevant games such as kameo 2, an new killer instinct or viva pinata 2 or a new perfect dark.

They wouldn't be the laughing stock of developers, but no they are working on kinect mini games and were working on avatar's clothes, that's sad and a waste.

The reasoning behind the posts here aren't always, dev is exclusively on the 360 so they are automatically garbage genius.

captain-obvious2802d ago

what are you talking about ?
Rare has always been exclusive

CobraKai2803d ago

My how they've fallen. MS should at least have another developer take over Rare's games. Especially Killer Instinct.

HolyOrangeCows2803d ago

But then here's the problem....why spend $150 for voice control when a cheap mic can do it?

It's just like the touted headtracking...any cheap webcam can do that.

Most of its gaming applications have MUCH cheaper solutions.

CaulkSlap2803d ago

Voice recognition is just a terrible route to go. So much effort is required to make it work for every language and accent. Even if you perfect it, vocal commands is about the least efficient method of controlling something. Just don't see it adding much of anything to any regular type of game. I doubt there's much of a market for creepy video companions.

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