Atomic Gamer - RAGE/John Carmack Interview

Atomic Gamer - id Software’s upcoming shooter Rage has rightfully earned a place atop many gamers’ must-play lists. In addition to refining the lock-and-load recipe the developer’s made its name on, it boasts vehicular combat, an expansive world, colorful quest-giving characters, and an eyeball-melting visual presentation powered by id Tech 5.

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Active Reload2778d ago

Still, no one has asked what the frame-buffer resolution is, with the 60fps on consoles.

mtm59252778d ago

native 720p, with no AA.

Active Reload2778d ago

Sweet! Thanks and bubbles...

pr0digyZA2778d ago

Good interview.Very honest responses from John, some of the things he said has cleared up my questions that were previously reported wrong.