Seabass plans radical overhaul for PES 2009

Although this season's version is now complete on PS3 and 360 and should be in your hands fairly shortly (and awesome it is too), Seabass hasn't been content to rest on his laurels and has already begun work on PES 2009, where he promises a 'complete overhaul' of the game in absolutely every respect.

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Jones Miller4055d ago

that this is not just some marketing BS. Either way let´s not forget Fifa 09. You never know what´s up EA´s sleeve. Imagine if you could play as an entire team online that would be awesome. Too bad he´s not being more specific than "complete overhaul". In fact it´s kind of early to be talking about the next PES and draw attention away from PES 2008 WTF?

Wotbot4055d ago

agree. A "complete overhaul" makes 2008 sound substandard already.

But as I have already played the demo I can confirm that 2008 plays like a dream, a Premier dream, and reminds me of some sort of super enhanced PES4.

Roll on the 26th.

jromao4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

It's normal to start right away next iteration as soon they got gold with PES 2008, as he state, PES 2008 is the jump to PS3 (main dev console) and they needed to put stuff and code in place.

Next year's PES 2009 should be the real PS3 version as devs have already the base code done (from PES 2008).

Whatever, this PES 2008 is awsome and PES 2009 will be better, so what to do ??


androctonvs4054d ago

that is a myth, dude...
seabass already said he does the game in a PC and simply converts the code for each console - AND that the 360 code is exactly equal to the PS3's version.

I still bought a PS3 because of it.


PS: Sporting suxx ;)

Meus Renaissance4055d ago

He's being saying the same for a few years now. Everytime he hypes the next Pro Evo to be like the second coming (my new fav phrase).

zonetrooper54055d ago

Well I do hope they upgrade the graphics part of the game, the gameplay is already amazing, just upgrade the god damn graphics.

SofaKingReetodded4055d ago

breathing down their necks,FIFA 08 in pro cam mode or be a pro mode is absolutely AMAZING.

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