Another "Minecraft Clone" Coming to Xbox 360

FortressCraft has proven to be a very popular Xbox Live Indie Game, and it has broken previous sale records with over thirty thousand sales in one day.

FC is based on it's PC Indie predecessor: Minecraft, the ultimate fan-favorite in block-builder titles.

Now yet another block-building game is in development to release on the Xbox 360 XBLIG market: Craftworld by 2.0 Studios.

Using the signature voxel graphics and implementing features that FortressCraft's Chapter 1: Creation has left out, Craftworld promises to deliver features that gamers are clamoring for onto the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace.

Craftworld is currently in development and is coming soon to the Xbox 360. A release date is slated for "sometime in April", however that's subject to change.

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digitalivan2804d ago

So basically, it's Minecraft with a texture pack (an ugly one). These clones are popping out every day and looking more and more similar to MC.

mrv3212804d ago

Ok, in fairness if they finish this how they describe it could be interesting... RPG system, Magic, random cities. The A.I required would be immense, but if done correctly, imagine a sim city on top of minecraft.

kramun2804d ago

It would be more interesting if they came up with an original game instead of blatantly ripping off someone elses game.

2803d ago
SixZeroFour2803d ago of the comments (presumably from the devs) said it was coming on 360, pc and other platforms in the next 2 months or question is why pc? they already have minecraft

Fishy Fingers2804d ago

I guess if you cant beat them, just rip them off.

radphil2804d ago

And people shunned me for talking about these clones coming out.

Snatcher2804d ago

Yeah xD

Just like 3d dot game heroes and Modnation racers are inferior to Mario Kart and Zelda.

theonlylolking2803d ago

Minecraft ripped off infiniminer

Deeke2803d ago

Exactly, that's one of the big points I made in the article--that Minecraft -didn't- come first, it was just the first to be incredibly successful.

Google "Infiniminer"--you can download and play it for free thanks to Zachtronics being such a good guy. Try it out maybe and see how you like it.

Below is a review from David Collin's Reqliquary Reviews showing off Infiniminer and rating it.

Not sure about Dwarf Fortress--haven't looked for that one yet.

CaptainMarvelQ82804d ago

Wasn't CraftWorld the intended name for Little big planet?

Masterchef20072804d ago

Wow not another one whos ripped the idea from mindcraft. This is just sad.

SixZeroFour2803d ago

worse thing is that the devs are planning to release this on pc too

Masterchef20072803d ago

Yuck and they will probably charge you more than the original as well. Like i said its very sad.

BlueEye2804d ago

Minecraft is like WoW of the sandbox games. It's the most known and popular, with a score of clones behind it.

hay2804d ago

Like hell...
Minecraft is a continuation of Infiniminer.

BlueEye2803d ago

Wasn't it just inspired by Infiniminer? But ok, lets compare these three. In Infiniminer you go 4 classes, some sort of modern tools and so on, looks similar to Minecraft but at the same time is way diffirent, then you got Minecraft which we all know what its like, then this clone, its exactly the same just with a shitty texture pack that makes everything look a bit more smooth 3D like. In basic Minecraft is not a continuation or clone of Infiniminer, but this game is a clone of Minecraft.

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The story is too old to be commented.