Mouse makes you feel more 'connected' says Fable III designer

IncGamers: Fable III's combat designer weighs in on the mouse/keyboard vs. control pad debate.

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CrazedJackPotty2774d ago

What a load of crap. Mouse doesn't ma you feel more connected at all. Why would you need to be able to turn around fast in fable anyway? I thought it had auto aim

Charmers2774d ago

"I thought it had auto aim"

Yeah but you see some of us like to actually play the game rather than have the console play the game for us.

WhiteNoise2774d ago


Even as someone who plays PC games via a mouse 90% of the time I still turn off auto aim in Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm on PC when I play with a gamepad.

Console gamers must be really retarded if even after much more practice they still need hand holding.

I do wish more RPG's on PC supported gamepad as well as mouse and keyboard so we had a choice.

But no game needs auto-aim.

chak_2774d ago

You're right, but I still won't play your game.

plb2774d ago

I hate when companies bring out games this late on another platform. Really kills the excitement. If this came out on PC the same day as the 360 I probably would have picked it up. Now there is no chance.

guigsy2774d ago

I personally feel more in control when I use a controller. That could just be my familiarity with a controller, even though I used to play PC games a lot. It's horses for courses at the end of the day.

plb2774d ago

I say it depends on the game. Same games work well with a controller while others a kb/m

bozebo2774d ago

I'd probably prefer fable with a controller.

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