Gears of War 3 Beta To Require 2GB of Hard Drive Space

If there is one thing that I (Bryan from learned about starting up a blog as a hobby its that when you post relevant, informative, non sourced news your followers and fans really enjoy trying to help you out. The reason I say that is we received this picture from our forum user ensabahnur which tells us the amount of storage space needed for the Gears of War 3 beta

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rabidpancakeburglar2800d ago

That's not unexpected but it's still too much

wwm0nkey2800d ago

How is it too much? Whats wrong with packing a beta with content?

likedamaster2800d ago

No bigger than Socom 4's beta. Also, as far as dl speed is concerned xbl > psn.

2800d ago
Wido2800d ago

Oh mamma. I'm bracing for Epic with that 2GB of my HDD going to buggery.

ATiElite2800d ago

what if you only have 4gb model and you have stuff you don't want to erase?

Active Reload2800d ago

"what if you only have 4gb model and you have stuff you don't want to erase?"

Then you're obviously not a true Gears head or else you would've already--without hesitation--got rid of whatever is on your 4g model OR by now you would already purchased a HDD or inserted a few usb jumpdrives. But a true Gear head would've not even asked such a quesiton.

Venatus-Deus2800d ago

So your only allowed to experience this if your a true fan of Gears of War?

guigsy2800d ago

You wouldn't buy a 4GB model if you knew you would be downloading stuff, but I guess you would have to either buy a 360 hard drive or use a USB external drive.

Perjoss2800d ago

4g model is a very bad idea in general. Games have better loading times if you install them and it prolongs the life of your drive, no to mention the machine runs much more quiet.

limewax2800d ago

Agreed. One thing I always find funny in the PS3/360 war is the mandatory install stuff. I actually install every single game on 360 because it runs better, If anything I wish I could optionally install entire PS3 games.

Just kind of always found it funny that people whine about installing, its a great feature

Perjoss2800d ago

only problem I have with mandatory installs was the GT5 one, i mean 1 hour and 20 mins was stupid, some people might take that as a cheap shot at the ps3 but its not.

Solid_Snake-2800d ago

suppose it could be said for all consoles really.

the ps3 20gig cant install a lot of games.

the wii standard memory is shocking.

i love been a pc gamer having 1000gig
hard drive.

Blad3star2800d ago

@ Venatus - I thnk what he meant was that majority of the people who own 4GB models are mostly casuals who just go to a game store and pick up a game to play and beat it.

Then you have your hardcore gamers who has been following every step of Gears 3 development and even bought Bullet Storm just for the Beta who more than likely does not own a 4 GB 360 model.

The 4 GB 360 owner would more than likly only play the demo and the single player.

montyburns0002800d ago

stop being a cheapass and buy a HDD.

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LoaMcLoa2800d ago

I feel sorry for the early Slim owners o,o

Dannehkins2800d ago

As already mention, I feel sorry for the 4GB owners.

KotC2798d ago

4gb with a 2gb dl

My magic calculator from the future says it will fit

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The story is too old to be commented.