PlayJam Games launch worldwide on LG's smart TV's

PlayJam is the world’s largest connected games network spanning digital TV, mobile and online networks. They offer a huge selection of fun yet challenging casual games that include free, play-to-play and skill-based titles.

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-Mezzo-2440d ago

Cool, But how will we play it, with our TV Controller.

SpaceSquirrel2440d ago

Didn't they have a problem with Sony and the PS3? Did they resolve it?

MagicGamer2440d ago

Looks like they are resolving a bit think they continue in November this year with that case.

mygd2440d ago

Wondering about the controller too... Nothing like a game console!

MagicGamer2440d ago

thinking it would have to be set up with the controller for the smart tv's wouldn't it?

MikamiFanForLife2437d ago

You'd think but companies don't think sometimes.