Capcom: REORC will be Slant 6's best game

EuroGamer - Capcom's Resident Evil producers reckon team-based third-person shooter spin-off Operation Raccoon City will be SOCOM developer Slant 6's best game.

Slant 6, founded in 2005, has three SOCOM games under its belt.

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interrergator2477d ago

good development team but well see

-Mezzo-2477d ago

Agreed, i hope this is a good and not a shooter like RE5.

Giant_Chibi2477d ago

This is not a good development team. When Zipper handed off the Socom series to slant 6 they pretty much ruined the franchise's reputation with Socom: confrontation.

Of re: orc will be their best game yet, because their last effort didn't even set the bar very high.

WhiteNoise2477d ago

DMC4 was great, RE5 was good, SFIV was ok, Lost Planet 2 was a POS.

I know which direction Capcom is headed and it isn't up.

Wolfie2477d ago

more like DMC4 was a disappointment, RE5 wasn't RE, SFIV was good and Lost Planet 2 was a POS

Noami2477d ago

my turn ! DMC4 Dint exist in my world RE5 Shouldnt had existed! and ssfiV..they need to stop making to much of the same versions of it.. and lost planet 2 ...well no comment

Quagmire2477d ago

Lost Planet was the best out of all of them, no joke.

Rainstorm812477d ago

I'll believe it when i play it

Bluemaster772477d ago

We'll see are they actually making a team based tactical zombie shooter ?

Cloudberry2477d ago

Then it's great.

If it's not...

Then you won't find me playing this soon.

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