Razer Switchblade ‘Intel Oak Trail’ powered Portable Gaming PC to launch in China

The Razer Switchblade which is the most innovative Oaktrail device to date is going to be launched in the Chinese market first. The device is a small portable PC with a keyboard that can be customized for gaming, will first be released in China and feature games developed by one of the country’s largest Internet companies, Tencent.

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techprezz2805d ago

Razer provided no launch date for the device, saying only that more announcements will come soon over the course of the year. The device will be “affordable,” Tan said.

BeastlyRig2803d ago

This could be a step forward for pc!!

ATiElite2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Ummm why not just buy a laptop with a Gaming GPU. You can get one at Walmart for like $500 or cheaper and yes China has Wal-Marts. You the full features of a capable laptop plus great gaming power. To me this device makes no sense. PC gaming and PC power and functions go hand in hand. Basically you build a powerful PC for work and play.

PC Gaming is the leading force in China as only i believe Hong Kong has only 3 places that sell PS3. All other consoles are Chinese specific brands. The PC however receives is getting global support in China and some Chinese only games like Crytek's Warface may be released globally.