Sniper: Ghost Warrior gameplay footage

PS3 port adds extra weapons, missions.

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MGRogue20172687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I wonder if it will look & perform better or worse than the Xbox 360 version..?

I think.. Well, They will look the same, obviously.. But, "under-the-hood" stuff like anti-aliasing, textures, framerate will probably be different.

Looking forward to the comparison videos

FLOWCity2687d ago

I hope the AI fares better.

Neko_Mega2687d ago

Maybe this time the things can't show through the ground or walls (When not using sniper gun or a gun with the power to do that).

Plus the stages won't look like they were poorly done, main thing I didn't like about this game on 360. Was that everyone had to play like it was a COD game and not snipe.