IGN: SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Video Review

SOCOM 4 tries to please old and new fans, but does it hold up against the other great shooters from this year?

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DarkSpawnClone2806d ago

mp is enough of a reason to buy this game, not a totally bad score it dose not really bring any thing new to the table but it's fun.

PimpHandHappy2806d ago

is why does it need to be compared to all the other great shooters? It might have taken a bit from some but its nothing like any of them in how it plays...

Joni-Ice2806d ago

I think he meant other Socom games. It didnt feel like it was a Socom game.

Shang-Long2806d ago

becuase Cod brings something new and different experience every time. double standard.but seriously if you liked the beta, and want this game. 7.0 not bad at all.

juggulator2806d ago

This game is MAG with only 32 players and a story mode. Not worth it.

NoBias2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

They make no mention of the Classic Gameplay mode at all. That's fail.

I'd like to hear reviews from fans of the franchise that elaborate on whats good about what we veterans about ha - Classic.

Oh well, I'm getting it anyways. The Beta sold me. Clan reunited.

EDIT: No mention of the amazing soundtrack done by Bear McCreary either?? Wtf

Army_of_Darkness2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I luv my PS3 exclusives and all, but mag and socom4 don't interest me the slightest bit... graphics and gameplay of both zipper games don't compare to other PS3 games which I find disappointing...
zipper should of used infamous2 or uncharted 2's game engine... or just think a FPS game with the god of war 3 engine!! damn!

I will wait for this to reach the greatest hits title before buying.

DarkSpawnClone2806d ago

yeah i know some people hated it but hey to me its great i didn't like suppression but i loved bomb squad and i did enjoy the game,some people say its close to mag but honestly i hated mag but this was really good..but i see what you mean i really wish they rated the game for what it is not for what its not in the end socom4 is a solid game but again its not what it use to be and that's a shame in a way i always loved games like Socom,Rainbow six ect always been a blast to play and tho i really wish we could get a new rainbow six but i guess i got ghost recon to look forward to if it turns out to be any good but mean while im going to enjoy the hell out of socom 4 Full Deployment Edition :P

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saf1007922806d ago

Seems like an honest review... they pretty much hit the nail on the head with the good and bad

Fishy Fingers2806d ago

Ooooh did you just call an IGN review honest? You realise this is only allowed when it's 10/10 :)

Mr PS3602806d ago

I know right. Some people pick and choose their battles.

telekineticmantis2806d ago

talking about, where do you come from with these ridiculous perceptions, I can never figure this out.

Dread2806d ago


dont be coy dude. If you are a regular here at N4G you would know that every time a sony exclusive does not get a perfect ten or a high nine every stupid rabid sony fanboy calls the reviewer out as being biased or screams CONSPIRACY!!!!
so yes it is suprising to see a comment like this in N4G

rob60212806d ago


You are very very hypocritical the way you attack 'rabid fan-boys' judging from your post history.
Perhaps some people had good reason to question a reviewer's credibility in the past? Why is it so 'rude' to question a journalist's credibility? Honestly the industry is corrupt enough as it is we all should be questioning it. (review events, all sites paid for by the products they review, as well as routine junkets as the only way to get timely coverage) It's not a conspiracy, few are saying it is. These scores just hold way too much weight towards the success or failure of a video game.

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GamerSciz2806d ago

I feel like if just one option, "shoulder switch", was added that the scores would be bumped up another point. For me, that is one factor that really hurts the gameplay although the gameplay is still definitely fun.



Already pre ordered along with Portal 2.

sickbird2806d ago

they tried to please casuals and hardcore socom fans but in the end pleased no one, GOOD JOB!

Trroy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

The game will probably sell better than a niche title would have, wolfam1. Hate it as much as you want, but SOCOM was dead without some draw to the casuals. The fact that its not breaking records like CoD is immaterial -- at least SOCOM is alive and kicking, and has a chance for revival.

I have more fun playing SOCOM 4 MP than I do any other shooter out there, except maybe MAG, and that's all that really matters. Zipper provides great support. I'm sure the game will be worthwhile.

Frankly, given how much Black Ops campaign sucked, and how cruddy the MP is, I can't believe the review scores it got. It looks and plays worse than MW2 and even worse than World at War, which seems just messed up. Yet the reviews heralded it as the Next Big Thing. Reviewers know nothing. They peddle the wares of people who pay their site's bills, and don't give a crap about real gaming.

BlackTar1872806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

i don;t think this game will sell over 2 million like socom 2 or over 3 million like socom 1. Markets smaller i understand that.

I would just love to see how much a socom 2 HD remake would sell for.(Just wondering)

zipper provided great support for MAG but never for the old socoms. So they are still negative in there track record all time for me but since this gen. they are doing great i hope they continue the trend.

Trroy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


I hate the say it, but I honestly think S1 and S2 only sold as much as they did because they were the only online shooter option on the PS2, at the time.

I agree that I don't think it'll pass the 2M mark, but its not because it doesn't deserve it, IMO. I honestly expect to see all the old game modes and loads of old and new maps via DLC for this one. It'll cost some, but I think that SOCOM 4 will probably become the "SOCOM 2 HD" that some hardcore fans have been waiting for, despite all the complaining.

BlackTar1872806d ago


Im definatley buying this i have alot of beta hrs. So i dont wnat it to sound like i wont be playing it. I just hope it turns out like you say for everyone involved. I really wish more people got to experience the joy of the old socoms.

Thanks for the response Game on if you ever looking to play with a good group send me a PSN friend invite and a msg letting me know who you are.

rob60212806d ago

"I hate the say it, but I honestly think S1 and S2 only sold as much as they did because they were the only online shooter option on the PS2, at the time"

I played Socom 2 back in it's prime and it was one of the best multiplayer games ever made. Your statement only comes from the fact you never really got into socom 1 or 2, you're looking at it from the outside. There is a very sizable hardcore base to socom that speaks to the fact I'm not alone. There aren't other games that encouraged/forced teamwork and communication to lead to victory as well as socom 1/2 did, and every game came with a headset so everyone used them. Shooters now days like CoD are a joke to the level of strategy that socom used to have, and they're all about solo play.

DLC will not bring socom 4 into the socom 2 HD the fans want, The colors are bland and too similar - there is little variety in the visuals something Socom 2 had in spades. Zipper has been a complete failure of a developer since 3 because they abandoned the formula that was a huge success last generation all because they were bored of making the same game. You don't see Bungie or Treyarch/IW reinventing the wheel with each game.

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