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Improve your PS3 framerates

The following improvements should be made for better and smoother framerates for ps3 games:

Setting the BD/DVD upscaler set off, HDMI 24fps off, HDMI audio set on bitstream, PS2 upscaler/smoother set off.

Disable system display notify/ mediaserver off / all other automatic setting set to off / internet disable if not multiplaying and other setting etc will all help improve framerates...

... (PS3)
Tipsed by: PirateThom

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TheMART   2922d ago | Spam
Clinton514  +   2922d ago
BS about improving framerates
Has nothing to do with the PS3 settings.

ps. Mart go play in your fantasy land.
SabreMan  +   2922d ago

what a load of bull who the hell writes this crap, and people respond as if it's true

Mart at Xboxkings - you spanner HHHHHHAAAAAhhhhhaaaaa
wil4hire  +   2922d ago
LOL @ this article.
Uncharted. No Framerate issues
Ratchet and Clank. No Framerate Issues
Ninja Gaiden. No Framerate Issues
Motorstorm. No Framerate Issues
Heavenly Sword. No framerate Issues
Oblivion. No framerate issues
Lair. No Framerate issues.
Haze. No framerate Issues.
EA games. All have Framerate issues.... Notice a patterrn here?
PirateThom  +   2922d ago
Oddly, it was more the fact it fixes Skate was my reason for tipping it.

I've never had frame rate issues, but I know some people still buy EA games.
TheMART  +   2922d ago
So your crystal ball is pretty good, huh?

Last time I checked, these games weren't out yet:

Ratchet and Clank.

BTW I've played Haze in Leipzig on a PS3 on the Games Convention. It had framerate issues, it had no AA, it was playing like a last gen game.

And Lair no framerate issues??? You should read the reviews again... The choice of 1080p was a bad one, it had run properly on 720p I guess.
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wil4hire  +   2922d ago
so you played a non beta version of haze. kudos to you.
So as far as my crystal ball goes.

I've played builds of all the games I mentioned. No framerate issues. The PS3 is 100% capable as shown in my list. Please fanboy.. bring up something relavent next time?

Or just continue to self-own yourself.. Dont mention720p. Since its something the 360 cant even do.

Lets go over videos for the 360's towel method to avoid RROD aye?
karlostomy  +   2920d ago
Wow a ps3fanboy bonanza
I see 'themart' in 3.2 making ACCURATE, VALID points.
Bubbles for you mart....

I also see *25* PS3sheep disagreeing even though he just stated FACTS!

Come on guys!! That is pathetic devotion to the PS3 God...
Idolatry even... lol

what about some balance? You are just sounding blinkered and one sided.

If/when the PS3 has better games, better framerates, better multiports, better graphics, better live etc etc etc... THEN you can act like football hooligans.
..but UNTIL that happens, why not be humble and accept some logical argument from themart et al...

jeez. like kindergarten
IBLEEDBLU  +   2922d ago
stupid mart
how many 360 games are actually 720p LOL!

i wouldnt even talk about ur garbage360

if u want 2 do something - why not grab xbox360 1st year title launches and compare them to ps3 1st title launch and tell us which ones look better
funkysolo  +   2922d ago
Halo3 runs at 640p24fps and has worst Framerate than any PS3 game
Where did all the ram go because the game is linear and there is no exploration,,,,,Come on xbot tell me why does Halo3 run at 640p which is not consider HD if 360 has so much power and memory to burn....Go look at Uncharted and see what a nextgen game should look like...memory my azzz 360 sucks
Mikey_Gee  +   2921d ago
I don't want to add to the sh!t fest ...
.. but I really wish this asshole above me would get off the Halo3 war he is leading.

The game has no framerate issues. If you played the F'n game (which you have not, your other post tell everyone this) you would know this.
sgaap  +   2921d ago
You are all just hating
because the xbox is doing so well and halo is great fun. No man can tell the difference between upscaled 640 or native 720, and this is done for a very good reason: http://www.shacknews.com/fe...
Also, the human eye can't see more than 30 frames per second. The only thing is that 30fps games often drop below this number, and then you see the difference. I haven't seen any framedrops in halo 3, only in a 4 player coop game, which is probably just a netwok issue.
Stop talking crap specs and play some games.
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poopface1  +   2921d ago
hahahahahaha..... At least halo 3 is an awsome game. I mean honestly will there ever be a Ps3 game with half of the 1.2 million people(at once) playing online halo 3 the other night. I dont think so. In the end it seems good to me and I play on standard def tv. I did however see bioshock in 1080i and it was beautiful and really smooth too( yes it also does 1080p)
BIGWILLDX  +   2922d ago
jus admit it the ps3 is more powerful than the 360
Mikey_Gee  +   2921d ago
Just admit ...
... fanboys are the like a wart on the arse of life.

BTW, when are you being removed ??

As much as I hate this bullsh!t articles about the PS3 (and 360) , fanboys aggrivate me even more.
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P1MPDADDY   2922d ago | Spam
Baba1906  +   2922d ago
how is framerate a problem? looks like my eyes are not as tuned as all of yours. havent had problems with the ps3 in that region. maybe there are some but i cant really see them =(.... im so last gen right ? hihi
BIGWILLDX  +   2922d ago
stfu wimpdaddy and go ply gaylo 3
AllroundGamer  +   2922d ago
well this is really bad, i changed it right after i read it, someone should write a mail to Sony, that they should better work on a new firmware, that doesn't interfere with games that much...
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wangdiddy82  +   2922d ago
Lay off the roids homo.. Making your brain small.. The 360 is the most unreliable system out there.. Its has what a 35% failure rate.. And i know because mine use to break on me all the time..

Back on subject.. I dont have any framerate issues that i notice or bother me too much.. None in madden 08 or anything like that.. People like to make big deals about nada.. So many people say halo 3 has framerate issues but do you actually notice it or care???? No i dont
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Ps3Fanboy777  +   2922d ago
No Ps3 games run poorly... Unless its just garbage EA etc
RFOM doesnt have ANY lag, R6 has no lag (looks horrible though), most Ps3 games run a lot smoother then Ps3 games.

Bioshock for example would need this. Gears even stutters.

Ps3 games run pretty solidly.
gamesblow  +   2922d ago
I don't have a single problem with framerate...
Believe me, I'd be the 1st to come out and say it if I did. My ps3 games ar esurprisingly steady. All of them. Even Skate. As a matter of fact, I'm more impressed with how stable everything runs and how smooth they are this gen. I only own and will own the ps3, though. I say this cause it's the only system worth its salt. Long liove the Blu-ray and Ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
wil4hire  +   2922d ago
One more time
Ratchet & Clank
Ninja Gaiden
Heavenly Sword
THe Darkness
All 2k developed sports games.

Have no framerate issues.

All EA games however, Do.

Most of these titles are HD as well. Unlike any game ever made for the 360.

Stop self owning yourself bots.
HateBoy  +   2921d ago
U are probably right on most games, dont know cus I havent played them all. I've played lair however, and it does have some issues, not much tho..
Also, hows that time machine doing? Haze, Uncharted & R & C aren't even out yet. Do you even have a ps3?
bootsielon  +   2922d ago
Does anyone here know how to improve my RROD rate?
I'm on my 4th 360, so...
AllroundGamer  +   2922d ago
don't turn it on and use it as paperweight ;)
DEADEND  +   2922d ago
There's no improvements for the RROD unless MS develops better hardware and that's no time soon, trust me I know how you feel I cought mine last month.
Bathyj  +   2921d ago
Turn off DVD upscaling, turn off any external HD's, actually, just turn it off. Thats the only real way not to get RROD and thats not guaranteed either.

The only 100% way not to get RROD is to never own one.
hardcorehippiez  +   2921d ago
yes ive a solution
jus do what i did and stop buying microsoft junk. that way no more rrod simple.
Ri0tSquad  +   2922d ago
didnt work for me
wangdiddy82  +   2922d ago
can you please repair my 360? It keeps scratching my disk.. it makes really loud noises.. It keeps freezing up on me every time i try to play a game.. Please help.. lol freaking homo..

Related image(s)
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RelloC  +   2920d ago
with that sexy set-up, you'd think it be a little cleaner.
Iceman100x  +   2922d ago
They have to make an article to tell people how to improve terrible games?
Kyur4ThePain  +   2922d ago
If you read for once, maybe you'd notice this is a user post on a forum?
Close_Second  +   2922d ago
What annoys me about this current-gen...
...is that we even have framerate issues. I was really hoping they were going to be a thing of the past. Furthermore, it annoys me how console gaming has become more PC like. That is, to get the best out of your console you have to buy a true 1080p display to see the games in full-res.

Obviously thats a problem inherent with HD gaming as there are so many standards of HD displays, e.g. 720p, 1080i, 1080p. Even then you have to check to see what the native resolution of the HDTV is.

@Wil4hire: F**k I hate it when fanboys reply. I wish you and the rest of your type would do me and all the other real gamers a favor and just shut your mouth.
#19 (Edited 2921d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
wil4hire  +   2922d ago
The ps3 has no problems with HD games.
Only EA games have frame stuttering and issues. The rest that EA doesn't develop. Naughty Dog/Insomniac. Have no issues with 720p+ Game development.

I'd hate to think that "NEXT GEN" Cant do more than 1024x780 or whatever the popular PC resolutions were. Don't worry.. The ps3's games coming out this month/next month are just the start of the future of next gen.

Minus the RROD.
wil4hire  +   2922d ago
The ps3 has no problems with HD games.
Only EA games have frame stuttering and issues. The rest that EA doesn't develop. Naughty Dog/Insomniac. Have no issues with 720p+ Game development.

I'd hate to think that "NEXT GEN" Cant do more than 1024x780 or whatever the popular PC resolutions were. Don't worry.. The ps3's games coming out this month/next month are just the start of the future of next gen.

Minus the RROD.
Real Gambler  +   2922d ago
There's some standard in HD....
Technically, HD standard was 1080P. Then some people woke up and found out it could never be transmitted via Cable or Satellite because of bandwith issue. They then decided to go for 1080i... Half the bandwith but still marvelous 1920X1080... Then they woke up again, and though that for sport, or fast action, interlace wasn't the best, so they lowered it down to 720P. It should have been the end of story. After all, 720P is a lot more than the 480P half the world is used to. It's also better than the other half of the world, who is using 576 as their SD broadcast (PAL countries)...

So is anything less than 720P should be considered HD when the initial specification was 1080P. If you live in one of those country using PAL, at 576 lines, I don't think 640 lines is HD for them, it's only a little bit above their very own SD broadcast...

So sadly, there should be only one standard, but we now have to live with 3 for tv broadcast and videos(1080P 1080i 720P) and now thanks to gaming, anything above 576 is now HD... You can assume that eventually, somebody will make a game in GLORIOUS 577 lines of HD, upscale to 720P...

So maybe you're right, too many standards... Maybe the Wii was right, 480P was enough. Maybe the 360 was right, anything above PAL (576 lines) is enough. But still, I own a HD tv capable of 1920X1080, so I like the fact that the PS3 is aiming for that, not 577 lines being uspcalled and claiming it's HD : )
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Infamously  +   2922d ago
jazzmanb  +   2922d ago
the ps3 wasnt built for developers...developers hate it,its a freakin headache,its designed by stubborn people....seriously ps3 games dont run smooth,they never well...also 640p is high def,its still 1180/640,last i checked thats an amazing resolution....if you played halo3,youd know how great lookin and smooth the game is...also gears of war looks,far,far better than ratchet...on a side note,when does the delayed orange box come out for the ps3? im playing half life2 ep. 2 on my 360 and its freakin looks amazing as all hell...it runs like butter too...ill bet any of you that the ps3 version is going to be choppy as hell...wake up you dumbasses and buy a 360 already, dont wait till mass effect comes out...
aiphanes  +   2922d ago
What crack are you smoking? 640 is not HD!!!!
720P, 1080i and 1080p are all HD!!!

Halo 3 is not native HD...it never will....640p is last gen resolution. Even if the Xbox 360 hardware is upscalling to 1080p...the native res of Halo 3 is 640p which is below HD resultion. Its all about the native rez.

There is no PS3 game that is native rez below 720p. There are several games that are in native rez of 1080p...which is not even possible on the Xbox 360.

Also the Cell and the RSX can use both banks of ram...The Cell can use the RSX ram and the RSX can use the Cell ram....so both have up to 512 megs of ram...its just different than the Xbox 360 ram which is totally unified.

Have you played Ratchet and Clank Demo on the PS3? That game is totally smooth...60fps at 720p.....the game is awesome.

After bungie came out and said Halo 3 was only 640p.....it was all down hill for the Xbox 360.....
Real Gambler  +   2922d ago
Check the PSN this week....
One game: "Everyday shooter" just came out. It was made by one single guy!!! Wow, the PS3 is hard to develop for, yet, one single man made a pretty decent game now selling on PSN... Sure, it's not using all the power of the PS3. For that, you need a team. So what those big business, like EA are doing? If one guy can make a decent game, one hundred working a full year should do miracles...

Trust me, programmers found it hard to code for multiples cores. They had to adjust for the PC. They had to adjust for the 360, and it's not that hard to adjust for the Cell.

Next, 640 lines is not HD... That's a now absolutely obsolete resolution on most PCs... I didn't want to wait for the orange box, so I bought it for the PC. DO YOU THINK I'M PLAYING IT IN 1180X640???? I was probably playing games at that resolution when you were not even born!!! Love Portal and Fortress so far (went through portal pretty fast, but concept is awesome). Oooops, I paid less for the game, and trust me it can run on very, very old pcs...
zonetrooper5  +   2922d ago
Can't wait until the Beta stage is over, that will be the time that I start kicking some ass.
Real Gambler  +   2922d ago
What are you talking about???
Are you talking about Windows XP? Patches still coming out weekly for a 6 years old O.S. Dang I feel like a beta tester...

Are you talking about Windows Vista? Not even one year old, and service pack one is coming out soon...

Are you talking about the 360? How many version of hardware will it take before it doesn't break down... Most people agree that the 65nm GPU and new memory should fix most problems.

If Halo would have been designed by Microsoft, there would be a patch out already for it...

We are all beta testers... Sadly, Microsoft is not the only one using us, but they are likely the worst.
jack who  +   2922d ago
DJ  +   2922d ago
Well good thing my PS3 titles don't have framerate issues.
I haven't gotten any multi-platform titles, though Guitar Hero 3 is coming up. I don't really believe this, especially since even the R&C Demo, which obviously pushes the system a lot harder than EA's titles, doesn't have framerate issues, even with my upscalers for BD/DVD/PS1/PS2 turned on.
TheMART  +   2922d ago
Even if your PS3 has framerate issues (strange PS3 owners say they don't experience it, when PS3 games reviews state it over and over again), you would say it hasn't have any.

DJ, you were defending the PS3 even a year before you bought one. Clearly you're not a very trustfull source.

@ Maddens (below)

One that tells the truth has people that don't like what ones saying, others appreciate it. That's why.
DJ  +   2922d ago
I defended the Xbox 360, Xbox, and PS2 as well
so it's important not to falsely accuse me of being aligned with only one console manufacturer. Again, I stated that I don't have any multiplatform titles, but I haven't noticed any big framerate issues for the titles that I do have. What this does is prove that while turning off all those OS features MIGHT have some beneficial effect on performance, it seems to have more to do with how a lot of multiplatform titles are running poorly on the system.

If they didn't code the games correctly, that negatively affects OS performance since a lot of the PS3 architecture is controlled manually; the 360 is a lot more automated, so if they ported from 360 to PS3, those problems become amplified.
Maddens Raiders  +   2922d ago
Why does TheMART at Xboxkings -
have any bubbl3s?

<On topic>

Don't think I'll be doing any of the nonsense that the article eluded to - my games play just to my liking "as is" on my PS3's.

Topshelfcheese  +   2921d ago
I would assume Mart has bubbles, because there seems to be more 360 fanboys than PS3 fanboys. The real issue is, if you can only afford or want one system, than just be happy with it, what does it do at all to attack anything. I own them all and I play them all equally(I still have my launch 360, and zero complaints with my PS3 or Wii so far either). Why someone can get so annoyed with something they have no intention of ever buying is beyond me.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2922d ago
ps3 has no problem with framerates or delivering on sony's promise.
put some effort into it,and the results are 1080p at 60 fps.create the right engine,optimize your code,know what you are doing.eventually all the ps3 games will hit max resolution and speed.

ps3 does exactly what sony said it can do from E3 2005.it just takes time and effort.but some devs don't have the time and resources.and what you get is bad frames.but the resolution is still high.but sony is showing the way early in the game.

heavenly sword achieves what the target suggests

f1 achieves what the target suggests

lair achieves what the target suggests

GT5 achieves what the target suggests

uncharted achieves what the target suggests

ratchet achieves what the target suggests

motorstorm achieves what the target suggests

warhawk achieves what the target suggests

killzone achieves what the target suggests

all these "SONY" games are delivering what sony said the system can do.and it's only the first year.only fanboys say otherwise.look up any previous video of these games and they play like the target video suggests they will play like and look like.with great resolution and framerates.

and to those fanboys that say otherwise,all that i showed above look like "GAMES" to me.

mag lev.......................
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xg-ei8ht  +   2922d ago
I think your seriously deluding yourself.

640p is not hd. Yes it higher then sd but thats all.

Gears of war stutters. UT3 on ps3 doesn't, and its a better looking game.

R&C Does not stutter, but has alot going on.
Sega rally revo does not stutter and looks sweet.

On the subject of the ps3 not being built for gaming. It actually very similar to the 360. Minus the spu's of course.

But the spu's are a source of great power.

I think the 360's games do run and look sweet. I wasn't overly impressed with halo3. And i'm not the only one.

But i've got to say this, the most advanced game coming out is uncharted drakes fortune. Wipes the floor with anything out or due out in quite a few months and that includes call of duty 4.
#27 (Edited 2922d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sak500  +   2922d ago
kaz was right, ps3 is a computer, cuz only computers are required to optimize their systems to enjoy better fps. LOL
Says you  +   2922d ago
For the retardedbox 360 being superior it cant even
Work! and infact for a console like that game Gears of war became
Gears of War+glitches of war=Lames of war! and oh your so called Great game Halo 3 is running on 640p and you morons think its still a great game and think its better that way what a joke! and you guys still give it a ten!.
poopface1  +   2921d ago
lol.. grafix dont make a good game, halo is better than any game on the PS3(my opinion) and last I checkes the ps3 was supposededyl the superior system yeah right.
XboxIsBad  +   2922d ago
i dont have any framerate problems on my PS3, so why would you need to do this?
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