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Submitted by Stunt 3043d ago | rumor

PSMania: Dark Cloud 3 Coming Exclusively for PLAYSTATION 3?

onAXIS: "In the latest magazine scan for PSMania, their rumor mill reveals some interesting things, where you see the Dark Cloud 2 image, it states:

"Uno dei nostri infiltrati, ci ha rivelato che Level 5 sta lavorando a un nuovo Dark Cloud esclusivamente per la PlayStation 3. Questo titolo uscira il Marzo 2009, e sara sviluppato usando una nuova tecnologia stile cel-shading chimata "Kumo Engine"."

Luckily, I was able to get a translation:

"One of our infiltrates, has revealed that Level 5 is working on a new Dark Cloud exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This title will come out in March of 2009, and will be developed using a new open-technology, the Japanese style "Kumo Engine"."

Will Dark Cloud 3 arrive in 2009 for PLAYSTATION 3? If we hear an official announcement, we will let you know." (Dark Cloud 3, PS3)

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tocrazed4you  +   3043d ago
Seems legit
Yep if this does come out for the ps3 exclusive than it will sell like crazy in Japan. Thank god because the ps3 lost monster hunter in Japan and this would definately make up for monster hunter 3 and than some.
ArduousAndy  +   3043d ago
dark cloud 1 not so much dark cloud 2. So dark cloud 3 is up in the air for me. But i will say this. Can we take this as true I mean the issue is dated from 2006. Its a year old wouldn't we have heard more?
The Swordsman  +   3043d ago
Oh, Dark Cloud.
I remember when I first purchased my PS2. That was.. Christmas 2002. A demo disc came free with it and Dark Cloud was playable on it. Oh, it was so much fun, but I could never find it in stores. Eventually, I heard rumours of a sequel, but heard nothing of a Dark Cloud 2 after that, little realising that the sequel was called Dark Chronicle(I actually never got around to purchasing that game, something I regret deeply). I can't wait for this game, but 2009? A long way away considering it was first announced at E3 in 2004.
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Panthers  +   3043d ago
U must live in Europe because I had Dark Cloud 2. It was cell shaded but it was good.
The Swordsman  +   3043d ago
Yes, it was only called Dark Cloud 2 in North America, wasn't it?
Italianstallion  +   3043d ago
I loved both Dark Cloud games, but I regret not finishing either of them because I did not have the time for them. I remember all the time I wasted fishing for rare fish at sunrise and sundown.
cloud360-7th_account  +   3043d ago
Dark Cloud series is Playstations Legend Of Zelda.

Dark Cloud 1 was 9.0

Dark Chronicles was 9.2

Only problem with the Dark Cloud Series is that it has no secret bosses that are strong so there is no challenge unlike the FF and KH series. And Everyone knows is that Secret Bosses is what motivated you to finish an RPG game.

But this is not true for FF and KH since they are created by Square-Enix and u know the story...but maybe i am wrong
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Italianstallion  +   3043d ago
I never played a FF game because I am more of a action rpg person and I never got around to playing any kingdom hearts games, but having played both Dark Cloud games, they did seem fairly easy. One think I want to point out though is that later when you finished the main story of the Dark Cloud games, a much larger and difficult dungon opened.
cloud360-7th_account  +   3043d ago
If your an Action Rpg person and u havnt Played KH

You must have been hiding under a rock for the past 6 years.

Everyone knows KH series is the king of "Action" Rpg.

Almost eveyone thought KH is gonna stink, but Disney and Final Fantasy suprisngly was an awesome mix of fun. I call it Chibi Art. Cute Art
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Italianstallion  +   3043d ago
Yeah, I know it seems amazing that I never played a KH game, but during the time that they came out, I wasn't into rpgs at the time, and I have an almost compulsive impulse to not buy any single player games that are not recent. As never having played KH, I do not know if it had customization used to solve a puzzle like in Dark Cloud (which was one thing I liked about Dark Cloud the most), but if it does have this big game mechanic component like Dark Cloud, I might think about breaking my tradition and go pick it up.

Oh, also I know that FF is very popular and are usually really good games, (please dont flame me for saying this) but FF gamea have never really appealed to me (which probably helped me to dismis KH), but I am trying to be more open minded about the future FF games coming out, and would think about buying a FF VII remake since there is so much hype about it.
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Jack Bauer  +   3043d ago
is it suprising to be PS exclusive? the other 2 on the PS were and Rogue galaxy too, published by sony...
Agriel  +   3043d ago
well ya it will be PS3 exclusive I think Sony owns the Dark Cloud IP so it has to be. Great news all around tho can't wait to here more
Vertius  +   3043d ago
Considering that Level 5 are not on good terms with Microsoft, and the Dark Cloud games only being on Playstation platforms, it's not suprising that any future Dark Cloud games would be PS3 exclusives.
chrno  +   3043d ago
I remember the president of level 5 impling that level 5 will not work with MS ever again, right after the cancellation of the mmorpg for the original xbox. Well, so far they have been making ps2/ps3 exclusives only.
Goshyujin_Sama  +   3043d ago
cant wait
Darkiewonder  +   3043d ago
Sony will definitely publish the games Level 5 make
That's how it goes anyways.

Look at past games that were on the Playstation Platform.

The only thing that really bothed me about Level 5 and most of their games is the story: it's not really connected O.o
hazeblaze  +   3043d ago
This is good news, if true, but right now I just want them to finish up White Knight Story.
tocrazed4you  +   3043d ago
Even though...
It is coming out in 2009 white knight chronicles is coming out in 2008 go level 5!!!
unlimited  +   3043d ago
2009?? im hoping 2008 lol but i guess there just to many games for sony next year..oh well i hope its true..i love dark cloud
unlimited0890  +   3043d ago
i remember playing this game when i was litte, Dark Cloud 1 and 2. They were good games, lol. Cant wait for DC 3 <3
viper29  +   3043d ago
What the Hell Man!!
Waht are you all Talking About???

Look at the DATE of the's of July 2006 0_o
Take a look around guys before talking!!!

And What the Hell's goin' on with N4G Newser?!?!
FFVIIFan  +   3043d ago
Dark Cloud 1 sucked. 2 was a big improvement and a rather good game. So I hope 3 doesn't decide to 'go back to its roots' because those roots were horrible.
ElementX  +   3043d ago
I never played the others because I never owned a PS2. I heard they were good, though. 2009? They shouldn't announce games that are coming out over a year from now. It makes for a very long waiting period ;) I say, announce games 6 months from release, that way people don't have to wait LOL. :)
Bonsai1214  +   3043d ago
i actually enjoyed the first dark cloud... second ps2 game i bought. hopefully they'll do something cool like the first did with its georama system
crck  +   3043d ago
Dark Cloud IP is owned by Sony
So not a big surprise that its exclusive to the ps3. It would be nice to know Level 5 will be developing it though.
viper29  +   3043d ago

Look at the Date of the's of July 2006!!!
Can you understando 2006?!? 2006 is not equal to 2007...
UltramanJ  +   3043d ago
Level 5 seems to have a great relationship w/Sony
So a Dark Cloud 3 could be in the cards at some point. Of course DC is a Sony owned IP so it certainly wouldn't appear anywhere else.
Figboy  +   3043d ago
i think
Sony owns the Dark Cloud IP, just like how they own the Rogue Galaxy and White Knight Story IPs.

if Sony were smart, they'd buy Level 5 before they truly become the next Square-Enix and fall out of their grasp.

most of the games Level 5 have made have been on Sony platforms (from the Dark Clouds, to Dragon Quest; graphics only, Rogue Galaxy, and Jeanne D'Arc; which is really good, by the way).

they're making DQ IX for the DS, but they're practically a first/second party company to Sony. they might as well just see about buying them out. why not? MS does it all the time.
Sevir04  +   3043d ago
hell yeah
that would be one way sony does it, just make the purchase of Level 5, because those guys do some pretty good RPGs, and to tell you the truth if they keep it up they could be the next square. i'd buy them if i were sony.
Drano  +   3043d ago
Hell yeah.
If they manage to make another Dark Cloud, or even better... another Rogue Galaxy... Maybe there's a life after MGS4? Hahahaha!

Jump Beyond.
Foliage  +   3043d ago
Just now somewhere on the internet some 12 year-old just posted on a forum how he has "proof" that this is going multi-platform.

Who would have guessed that making up multi-platform rumours is the greatest way to herd sheep?
Genki  +   3043d ago
Dark Cloud is a PS2 classic,
and easily one of the best adventure RPGs I've played in some time. Never played 2 though, wish I would have.
Drano  +   3043d ago
I'll tell you that...
Do yourself a big favor and play Dark Cloud 2. Quality time with your console is garanteed.

Jump Beyond.
SJL480  +   3043d ago
My girlfriend and I still play this game quite a bit. Due to the cell shade art style this still looks amazing on ps3 with upscaler. Knowing how old it was I was amazed when I popped it in. Just finished Rogue galaxy (awesome too.)I haven't played dragonquest though.
Azailex Sorrow  +   3043d ago
wow, i never play'd dark cloud..
But it sure sounds like fun, before mgs4 comes out im going to be playing the mgs seires from the first mgs game to the modern mgs3!
same thing with devil may cry, and so on..

replaying a series before the new games comes out to add to it is smart, so before i dark cloud 3 comes out, ill have to play DC 1&2
Jdoki  +   3043d ago
I always lamented the cancellation of True Fantasy Live Online - that MMORPG looked like it had plenty of potential.

I was never massively in to Dark Cloud games but I could see the appeal and quality. I know a few people who will be happy DC3 is on the way (even if it does launch in '09)

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