6.7 Warriors: Legends of Troy Review

Ultimately Warriors: Legends Of Troy is a discreet way that does not add nor detract from the innovations of the kind hack'n'slash.
The game can count on a gameplay already tested in the past, a story interesting and engaging, a good characterization of the characters, a sub sound excellent, not to mention longevity in the media and a good degree of replayability.
Unfortunately between the notes of the title should be negative instead put a nice little graphic industry, the game environments often bare and too similar to each other and a background in its repetitiveness, though hampered by the presence of various characters can vary fighting style may annoy some gamers in the long run not very interested in this kind of game.The purchase is essentially recommended for gamers who can not do without playing any title of the Warriors saga and why not interested in stories told in Homer's epic poem, having for the first time the possibility to play as heroes of the protagonists.If, by contrast, do not like the game genre or are looking for a title hack'n'slash continuously varied and accurate in every aspect, then focus your attention elsewhere.

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