GameInformer: Street Fighter X Tekken Preview

GI: We’ve seen cinematic trailers from Street Fighter’s Tekken crossover, but until Captivate we hadn’t had a chance to see the game in action. After getting our hands on it, it’s clear that it’s a solid interpretation of both games that doesn’t necessarily play favorites with the Street Fighter side of things.

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zeksta2743d ago

Amazing! I haven't heard any information about this game for a long time, not to hear about it and with the Character Roster so far pleases me!

This should be an amazing game!

videoxgamexfanboy2743d ago

Plz plz plz capcom put my girl Zafina in there!!!

Quagmire2743d ago

Was Tekken 6 actually good? Im a big time Tekken fan, but after a few hours of playing 6, just couldnt continue. It was a disgrace imo, but is it worth actually finishing?

Septic2743d ago

Wow this looks amazing! Some real work is going into combining the two games and their respective gameplay styles. No doubt making the game balanced is going to be a nightmare. CAN'T WAIT!

darkdoom30002743d ago

Capcom has it easy, SF games don't have a big movelist. They only need to choose a handful of Tekken character's attacks to animate into SFxT.

Namco will have it bad. Tekken characters usually have around 100 attacks. If they want it balanced, they'll have to go make up and animate a whole bunch of moves for the SF characters (or cut down the tekken characters moves, which will piss off fans)

Not only that, but customisation is gonna be a problem. Since tekken5 and 6 had huge character customisation, and they're gonna have to do the same for SF characters.