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There are moments of genius buried in Dragon Age 2's approach to storytelling, it is a good chance to return to a popular and familiar franchise, but it just feels a bit shortchanged thanks to the technical and game design limitiations. Just because Bioware makes great story-based games doesn't mean they should get a pass for the things they chose to shortcut in this title.

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disturbing_flame2806d ago

Good review we feel the tester have played the game.
it's a shame to read 90% + rating for this game.

gorebago2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I just beat the game last night and loved it. While it was kind of slow in the start, towards the end of Act 3 and onward, it was awesome.

I liked the intimate nature of the game and how everything was layered to have a more impactful final act rather than some cliche epic tale of having to defeat the big bad and save the world. The reused environments reinforced the small nature of the story.

That's just me but I found Bioware's approach to the storytelling a refreshing one. All of the side characters were fleshed out and compelled me to care about them.

I don't know what people wanted from this game. Having beaten Origins the weekend before I bought this game, I found them to be extremely similar in gameplay aside from some things like armouring-up your teammates, etc. I think people over-glorify the first game which was awesome in it's own right.

If i have one complaint, it's that it could have benefited from a fourth act since it leaves on a cliffhanger but I'm sure we'll get that from some DLC price-gouging.

You can't please everyone but I applaud Bioware for this game.