Game Guys review: Shift 2 Unleashed

Shift 2: Unleashed, the sequel to EA's Need for Speed: Shift, tries to mesh arcade-style NFS racing with simulation-style Gran Turismo-ish racing. While it's a combination that rarely works well in the end, Shift 2's effort pays off well enough.

Both newcomers and veterans of the previous Shift title should find themselves comfortable with this new title.

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TheSoundDefense2807d ago

An arcade/realism mix sounds like it could pay off well. Might give it a sort of Fast and the Furious vibe if it's done right.

gameguru2807d ago

i am in love with shift 2's cockpit cam... best thing ever happened to a nfs game =)

Tuxmask552807d ago

Man, and I'm not even done with Hot Pursuit yet!