Famitsu’s New Most Wanted List

"Here’s Famitsu’s newest Most Wanted list, with Dark Souls dropping out of the top 15 and Fotokano (pictured in this article) making a run for the top.

Tales of Xillia retains the top spot once again. It’s enjoyed that position virtually ever since its announcement, with even DQX unable to dethrone it. That’s pretty big. Two of the three confirmed upcoming Final Fantasy titles snuck into the top 5 this time, as well. Meanwhile, 3DS takes a bit of a slide with Ocarina of Time 3D seeing a huge drop and Mario Kart taking a step down as well." -RPG Land

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RedDragan2806d ago

Why do Japanese love their school kids pictures showing them in that Anime way?

It is disturbing!

coryok2806d ago

its just a cartoon picture lol, there arent even any identifying marks that would give age away. pictures shouldnt be disturbing, what should be disturbing is that when you see cartoons in a sexy pose you think school kids

RedDragan2806d ago

She is wearing a school uniform. Thats a pretty big mark.

Cloudberry2806d ago

Still, I'm interested in "Fotokano: Picture Girlfriend".

Could it be as good as "Love Plus"; characters, story, game-play wise?


Yakuza Of The End would be released in June 2011.

I hope Persona 2 Innocent Sin would get English version announcement soon...

Along with Hitler & his army + Yaoi relationships.

Kos-Mos2806d ago

Japanese people certainly knows what gaming is about.

Homicide2806d ago


miyamoto2806d ago

Mostly PS3 or PSP? why no 360 title?

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