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swiftshot932775d ago

Wow. easily going to be the best exclusive FPS for PS3. That was really amazing.

Masta_fro2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

talk about creating the right atmosphere!

I was completely immersed in that video, forgot i was watching a game, reminds me of Resistance FoM... probably one of the best next gen experiences to date (for me)

Say whatever they want...Resistance Fall of Man was my halo killer.

still look at the box and smile.

Edit: oh and Spielberg, eat your heart out!! This is what War of the Worlds should have been!

EmperorDalek2775d ago

Although I didn't think the story was as good as that in Halo, I also enjoyed FoM, the alternative timezone reality was fantastic.

Masta_fro2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


True...i must agree halo CE's story was absolutely awesome (for its time)

Still, my coment was direct more towards the multiplayer aspect of R:FOM

anybody whos played resistance online knows exctly how well balanced, imaginitive, and diverse it was...

The maps were unbalievable, weapons were fun as hell, chimera vs humans was absolutely awesome...seing through walls, jump pads, clean graphics, clan system, party chats, etc

I still think their isnt one game out their with a better matchmaking system...not even cod...resistance was way ahead of its time.

One other thing...its important to take into consideration (most n4g users who have been around for at least the past 6 years know this) that resistance fom came out under a slew of negative media articles regaurding the ps3, and still managed to score 9 s and 10s across the board....which is truly quite the feet.

AntoineDcoolette2775d ago

Yeesss a return to the dark, dreary, and gloomy art direction of the first Resistance instead of the bright sun set pallets, bright glowing skies, and lush forest greens of the second game! And the weapon wheel! Insomniac listened! Insomniac actually listened to fan displeasure with the second game!

Jezuz2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Resistance is fun :D

Pixel_Pusher2775d ago

looking good but I want to see more mp!

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NateCole2775d ago

It is going to be a nightmare fight between Infamous 2, U3 and R3 for best up coming PS3 game.

Cloudberry2775d ago

This level is already revealed in previous trailers.

Some things added in this video is dialogues & more game-play.

So, not much spoilers I think.

Although, if you wanted to be 100% virgin of Resistance 3, so yeah, better not watch any R3 videos until September, lol.

ajeben8092775d ago

Looks very nice and they've still got months to polish it, going to be awesome.

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Ninver2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

WOW WOW WOW this is incredible. The sense of fear and atmosphere is quite exhilarating. Single player will be fantastic. Bravo to IG for stepping it up this time around. Easily a GOTY2011 contender.


Disagree huh? seems some poor trailer park trash only owns a pleasefixme.

jaseo2775d ago

yeah, it oozes atmosphere. I have to control my excitement though .. September is a while away..

Peaceful_Jelly2775d ago

love the atmosphere, is really creepy and disturbing! I wasn't the one playing but I felt so immersed by just watching, like if it were a movie or something.

swiftshot932775d ago

Yeah, thats what I was thinking. And it looks like its going to be a blast to play too; the gunplay, enemy variety and weapons are awesome. Controls seemed very nice too. And of course the graphics and art are jaw dropping.
It still needs some polish here and there but its clear that Insomniac has something really special. I hope they completely blow us away at E3.

Masta_fro2775d ago

dude, completely agree, forgot it was a game.

Tru_Ray2775d ago

I am glad that the weapon wheel has returned. I completed the RFoM campaign five times! It is also one of my favorite games this generation. It made me proud to be an early adopter of the PS3 when it was released in 2006.

godslayer4292775d ago

lol sumone disagreed and took away a bubble because apparently they dont think this is awesome

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