5 Famous Video Game Characters, Who Are Also Mass Murders

Every Video Game Character “Kills” a little, whether they realize it or not. For instance, some Characters can’t even start their day without killing at least 5 men before breakfast,

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Mike_Tha_Hero2806d ago

Ha, funny. It's interesting how we play these games (not including GTA) and don't even acknowledge this horrible side to it all...

What am I for playing this...omg...

LunaticBrandon2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I called 2 and 3 before clicking the link. You could easily just put all the GTA protagonists in a list and call it done though.

iDotDotDot2806d ago

I could have but that ruins the whole point of making a list.

Besides, Niko fills his predecessors places well.

Hellsvacancy2806d ago

Solid Snake has wasted more mofos than Niko Bellic, and hes more popular

Kon_Artist 2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Kratos took it upon himself to fix that problem.

your the only one that thinks that.

Quagmire2806d ago


This is specifically the reason why, *sigh*

RememberThe3572806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

OK I don't it. So Kratos is over rated because he tore Master Chiefs head off?

frjoethesecond2806d ago


Master Chief is overrated so Kratos tore his head off.



Just bcuz he said something like that about a PS3 exclusive dose not mean he is a fan boi and u have to use a 360 exclusive to counter...Dont be a hypocrite, Every one has different opinions and just cuz someone dose not like a Exclusive of one console dose not mean hes a fan boy of the other console.!!!..This is what is wrong with N4G people just assume ur a fan boy without knowing the person proper.

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SlaughterMeister2806d ago

I don't understand why this is news. Does no one get that this is EXACTLY why video games are constantly ridiculed for their violent content? Even the most laid-back, fun, adventure games like Uncharted are sickeningly violent, as this author shows.

Drake kills people with guns, explosives, and his bare hands. He's a violent mofo, it's the truth.

Sorry, that's what video games are like. Play some Metal Gear if you don't want to kill anybody. And stop letting 5-year-olds play Uncharted just because Drake is clever.

RememberThe3572806d ago

It's not intended to be news. It's intended to be funny. Lighten up...

Finger-Eater2806d ago

Calm down bro. The new N4G is not just a news site anymore but if you haven't noticed you can now post Articles,Opinions,gameplay videos, stuff thats gaming but isnt really news.

wenaldy2806d ago

Nathan drake? Hehehe...

"How many you kill, how many? Just today..." -Lazarevic-

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