5 Years Ago, This Day...

"Before we knew it as the Wii, we knew it as the Revolution. In March of 2006, there were rumblings of a FPS being developed for Nintendo's next console. Screenshots were even leaked/scanned from magazines, and it was said that Ubisoft was developing it.
Well, on April 11, 2006, 5 years this day(Tuesday), not today, Ubisoft officially made the announcement, with a press release, that they were developing...", says CoffeewithGames in the introduction.

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Spaz_012775d ago

5 years ago i was unmarried weighed 10kg's less and was unemployed!

CoffeewithChess2775d ago

Well, I was married, weighed more, and employed...still married, but the other two have changed, sort of.