Neptune mk-II – first scans/photos

Check out the first scans/photos of the PS3-exclusive Neptune mk-II following yesterday's announcement.

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Ravage272532d ago

well this is a surprise, the first must have sold well enough to justify a sequel.

I can see myself buying this if they improve the gameplay.

Neko_Mega2532d ago

With cute little girls, how can it not sale well?

Anyways, I rented this game because I didn't have the money at the time to buy it. I might just have to pick it up soon.

j-blaze2532d ago

I would rather see a new Ar tonelico game, Qoga was so much fun and one of my favorite games this year !

ThePsychoGamer2532d ago

I really doubt this game will hinder any plans for future Ar Tonelico games, considering that this game is being made by Compile Heart, not Gust

HeartDisease2532d ago

is hoping for all new game assets to much? if they rehash the same models for the 10th time i will cry. other than that i cant wait for more details to come out about this.