Grand Knights History screenshots

Vanillaware released beautiful screenshots of Grand Knights History.

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banjadude2806d ago

The third picture, reminds me of Jeanne D'Atc. The attire and stance of the character looks identical.

Ravage272806d ago

crossing my fingers for a translation

Inception2806d ago

Every game that Vanillaware mades always get a translation, except Princess Crown for Sega Saturn.

Ravage272806d ago

PSP software sales might be doing great in Japan, but it's a vastly different scenario in the West.

I wish i share your optimism though :/

Inception2805d ago

Well, this is their 1st game for PSP and i think they will translate it. Just look at Xseed who translate Ys and Legend of Heroes series for PSP, even though PSP software sales not doing so great in the west.

kvg882806d ago

Odin Sphere with the presentation of Ogre Battle? Looks awesome!!!