Vii meets Wii

Just in case you thought this whole Vii thing was one big prank, guess again. Engadget Chinese managed to scrounge up one of these clones and put it toe-to-toe with its idol. Needless to say, Nintendo's unit tends to demand quite a bit more respect, but why not take a look at their gallery and see how the two really stack up.

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Lord Anubis4080d ago

I thought the system would be a complete rip off but it actually has games.

look below. (image from neogaf)

Basch4080d ago

Fry Egg and Come On!
I love 'em...

CRIMS0N_W0LF4080d ago

Its more graphical then Wii!

Baba19064080d ago

omg way would anyone buy that =( but well go viiiiii !!!!

Imalwaysright4080d ago

So... wich one is the wii and wich one is the vii??

Tyrael4080d ago

competition between Wii and Vii is like racing in the special olympics, even if you win you're still Wiitarded.

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