Bitmob: It's the Little Things: New moves in Gears of War 3

Epic Games reveals a bunch of little, unadvertised moves and features for the latest Gears of War.

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Sadie21002602d ago

That wall-vault move is kinda weird. So now there won't be any standoffs...just first to hit the button to leap over and kick the other guy?

Active Reload2601d ago

So? This just adds another challenge to the gameplay. There will still be a standoff, it's just the person who does the "wall-vault" will have a slight edge. I see it as no different than being two-pieced, in which case you still have an opportunity to get a shot off to level the playing field.

4Sh0w2602d ago

Yeah, Ive always loved the little (BIG)things Epic puts into Gears which makes it so different from other shooters. The charachters themselves with their overgrown muscles have become iconic, Marcus Fenix has become one of the most recognizable charachters this generation.

Bigpappy2602d ago

New ways to dispose of the opposition. Way to keep it fresh Clif B. Looks like you got me for another $60.