inFamous 2 Beta Has Officially Begun

A few weeks ago at GDC, Sucker Punch Productions unveiled their groundbreaking new feature in inFamous 2: User Generated Content. The beta that was announced to test this out is now under way.

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doctorstrange2779d ago

Better have this in my inbox soon.

Blaze9292779d ago

they randomly gave me a SOCOM4 private beta invite. Hoping it happens again. If not I always have other ways to get in ;)

Rainstorm812779d ago

Hey i want in, Come on Blaze share the

*Checks inbox**.....nothing =-(...Come on sony

himdeel2779d ago

This game will be AMAZING! After messing around with the UGC missions already on the beta and messing around with my own levels I have to say the level creation here is easier than in LBP. Placing and linking things together is very easy. It just makes me super happy to know that this game will never end in very much the same way that LBP never ends via the UGC.

I'm very excited by how much you'll be able to customize Coles powers on the fly and for each mission. When I saw the powerlist for Cole the sheer number of powers from 2 makes Cole seems like inFAMOUS 1 was a warm up for his powers. This game will be a REAL treat for folks that enjoyed the first game or are looking to jump into an awesome Super Hero open world game.

WildArmed2779d ago

Aye downloading the beta right now.
Looking forward to testing out the create features.

Taggart4512779d ago

Unbelievable! Must check my email and wait for it...

JonnyBigBoss2779d ago

I'm so excited for this game!

El-Fenemeno12132779d ago

Chances of me getting an email is slim. My gmail account hasn't received any emails regarding Sony for months

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The story is too old to be commented.