Sony Websites Including US PS Blog Unaccessible As Attacks Take Drastic Turn

GT: Earlier today, I wrote a piece talking of the issues I faced while trying to connect to PSN, and up to this point I still haven’t been able to connect. I thought it was an attack on the PlayStation Network by hackers, but gamers debunked the claim, contending they connected easily. I have yet to connect, however.

But while trying to update Games Thirst with a US PS Store update post, I realized that I couldn’t access the PlayStation Blog. I tried different browsers to see if my cache was causing the issue, but it was not. Then I tried other Sony websites and realized they were not available.

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SpaceSquirrel2778d ago

That is very unfortunate. I hope the hackers will stop.

LOGICWINS2778d ago

What the heck? PS Blog is working fine.

ComboBreaker2778d ago

It's probably something on the author's end.

movements2778d ago

Same here man. The sites go up and down, but now the links are just breaking.. I wonder if Geohot is helping with this latest round. This is just unfortunate.

dc12778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

As of 9:54 I'm unable to access your site......Da da doommmmmmmmmm!

I'll be sure to update my comment once I'm able to view the site.
Ok. I can now view the site... I'm not sure if this is a regional. I haven’t had any problems accessing Sony sites.

Octo12778d ago

Just accessed the US playstation site and I've been logged on to PSN without a hitch.The US playstation site was a tad slow but I was able to get it up and log in. Then again I'm in Canada.

labaronx2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

been fine all day

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