Uncharted 3: Naughty Dog Comments on Eddy Raja Speculation

Naughty Dog’s Community Manager, Arne Meyer, has commented on the Eddy Raja renders and his revelation may relieve some gamers.

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VegaShinra2804d ago

ND is awsum for addressing it so quickly

bruddahmanmatt2804d ago

Could always be a flashback or (because the game takes place in the desert) a mirage/hallucination.

crxss2804d ago

you really can't believe anything Arne says. ER will for sure be in Multi-player but it'd be sweet if he's in a flashback sequence in the Single-player. Seeing how the Campaign will be co-op i bet there are several sequences where the 2P changes characters to fit the story.

Kon_Artist 2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

hmm... art test for what, zombies perhaps? is everyone that died in uncharted 1 and 2 coming back to life and going after drake?? i smell a conspiracy theory here

StarScream4Ever2804d ago

Most likely multiplayer test.

DangerTick2804d ago

Look's like Drake's Deception is in the mirages he sees while in the desert. Maybe the mirages will be tricking Drake into thinking that people who are really dead, are now alive...And maybe he'll even see some clowns.

starcb262804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

And Sully's mustache.

Oldman1002804d ago

They should make an entirely separate game based on Eddy. Because he's that awesome.

Quagmire2804d ago

I wouldnt mind a spin off game, maybe on NGP, telling the story of how Eddy met Drake, as a prequel to DF.

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