What makes Portal so good?

MMGN writes: Portal was good enough to dictate a sequel, and it would be a massive injustice to the millions of Portal fans if the story weren’t continued in some way. As long as the puzzles stay true, the design compliments the story and the plot delegates the experience, Portal 2 will be everything we’ve been hoping for, and then some.

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sickbird2778d ago

i love zeee puzzlezzzzz

DarkBlood2778d ago

crap i just realise portal 2 is coming out next week i need to finish the first before its too late, may have to noobtube it :P

Ducky2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Got 10 minutes?

*Spoiler Alert*
You're welcome bro.

Heh, the game is short enough. Should be able to finish it within a week easily. =)

04soldier2778d ago

Shouldn't be hard. Its a relatively short game.

Raven_Nomad2778d ago

The game isn't good......Not sure why people are so excited for the sequel. Just was not my thing.

Quagmire2778d ago

I like it coz its an FPS, without having to shoot a single bullet.

s45gr322778d ago

Cant wait for the sequel to portal two. the first is mind bending and a really mysterious story.........

2778d ago