The 3rd Birthday Review (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich takes a look at the return of Parasite Eve's Aya Brea. But should she have just stayed gone instead? Read on:

"It’s all too easy to get excited when starting up The 3rd Birthday for the first time. Watching the movie leading up to the title screen, featuring the classic theme from the original Parasite Eve, should be more than enough to get any fan’s nostalgia muscle to spasm uncontrollably. The official intro you’ll watch after starting a new game is also bound to get one’s hopes up. Seeing Manhattan come under siege from an army of hostile monsters, witnessing all of that destruction and carnage unfold in Square Enix’s signature high-style CGI that still manages to retain the series’ mature themes. It’s good stuff. Stuff that comes to a screeching halt at the end, when the army refers to the massive fungus-like towers that have sprung up from the ground (and killed thousands horiffically in the process) as “Babel.”


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RobsteinOne2807d ago

Allow me to reiterate: *facepalm*

tigresa2807d ago

I'm playing through the first one right now on PSN and it's a lovejoy, for sure, but sad that the story doesn't continue to be epic with The 3rd Birthday's "revival" of Parasite Eve.