Amnesia Devs Add New Campaign With Portal 2 References

This is clever. As part of Valve’s Potato Sack promotion, Frictional Games - the indie joint behind horror hit Amnesia – has released a new campaign with references inspired by Portal 2. The expansion is completely free and is being deployed to all owners of the game on Steam via auto-update.

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Jio2807d ago

I stopped playing the game after I was finally able to stop being afraid of dark rooms. I do not want to risk my sanity again by playing it just for cake.

DarkBlood2807d ago

i just got the game today and its at 55 percent downloading, cant try it out and see if it really scares the shit out of me plus at 9 bucks how cant i resist.

dirthurts2807d ago

It's pretty great. Dark room, good volume on the speakers and you'll be rolling.

distorted_reality2807d ago

*Headphones. So much scarier.

dirthurts2807d ago

@ Distorted,
Great call.
Especially some nice padded studio style phones that cut out the outside noise.

Ducky2807d ago

I KNEW something like this was going to happen.

Do I win something for being super special awesome psychic?

Pillage052807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Does anyone know how to actually play this add-on? there isn't an option for it in my game (yes I did update) Or is it just part of the normal campaign?

Edit: NVM it's on the launch window