IGN: Infamous 2 Video Preview

IGN: "Take a look at Infamous 2's user-generated content and huge frickin' monsters."

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gamerzBEreal172599d ago

PLEASE ADD MOVE SUPPORT it would be awsome with the melee system just hold down the move button and do differnt motions for differnt melee's this could be THE move game

HeavenlySnipes2599d ago

its to late. The only way to implement the Move well is to build the game up with Move support in mind. Tacking it on would be a bad idea.

Quagmire2599d ago

Itll need a really big patch support. Why the hell would you need to build the game from the ground up? It only needs control support between cole and the move controller.

Electroshocked2598d ago

It would be good for creating the missions but I think that it is much more comfortable playing InFamous with a Dualshock 3 controller...

Agheil2599d ago


undercovrr2599d ago

My god this game looks amazing. The melee system is really badass. And the bosses....:D

theafroman2599d ago

I'll say it again this game looks GREAT!

Fullmetalevolust2599d ago

This game is pure insanity!! June couldn't come any sooner, it'll be a cherry on top of an epic cake that's going to be the sony E3 conference.

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