Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace - April Edition

Major Nelson has posted the upcoming release schedule for XBL Arcade and tossed in there are some rather nice sales as well.

There’s also dates for the Gears of War 3 beta in there, as well as Deals of the Week, Games on Demand, and Avatar goodies.

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Bigpappy2807d ago

I would call that substantial. It is a lot of content to choose from.

Solidus187-SCMilk2807d ago

This is the most Ive ever seen on sale.

I love shadow complex, for 600pts thats awesome. Limbo, castle crashers and Trials HD for 600pts on the 15th is pretty good deals. I may get castle crashers.

And they aslo have some sweet game like perfect dark and Braid on sale for $5 for the week.

gaden_malak2807d ago

Is Limbo any good? I am curious about it and like the art style.

DangerTick2807d ago

I lol'd @ "sales" because I thought of it as something only the 360 fanbase would play.

4Sh0w2807d ago

Shadow Complex is one of my favorite xbl games, I want to check out the Gears beta.

PandaJenkins2807d ago

I might finally pick up Limbo. I am always really wanted to play it, 1200 points has just been hefty is all. But everyone says it is great so think I will get it for 600.

thats_just_prime2807d ago

yeah I heard a lot of good things about it but never wanted to pay out the 1200 points 600 isnt to bad tho