Peter Molyneux on “fresh concept” from Microsoft at E3, Minecraft, and more

"One of the things that we at PGN learned at the event is to expect some truly fresh concepts from Microsoft at E3 this year. Peter said that in order for the industry to grow and for new ideas to continue being pumped out, we need designers that don’t necessarily have the experience on their side, but fresh concepts." From PGN

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E3exponews2807d ago

Nice of Peter to give credit to others out there on a night where HE wins an award. That's a smart move to make and really shows some character. As for what could be in store at E3 that's actually NEW? Prolly something to do with Kinect. If garage folks can think stuff up surely M$ can.

nfourgtoday2807d ago

Gamers online in COD could learn a thing or two heh and posters in forums too for that matter. peter you da man.

Active Reload2807d ago

He speaks nicely of everyone though doesn't he? I tend to do this also...when I'm drunk,lol. But still, I like this bloke...

Sun_e2807d ago

Great article. I think the something new is probably something to do with Kinect. Like stated above.

MikamiFanForLife2807d ago

It seems to be either hit or miss with Kinect for me but I'm still impressed and pleased with the overall technology in the box..Microsoft didn't put all of that money into it for nothing though so there likely to be a good announcement.

DolfZigglers2807d ago

Dude those guys look like an older and younger version of one another in the photo lol. Put these two in the Mii match thing on DSi or 3DS and i bet they'll be listed as brothers.

Uh anyways I said before that we'll see a WWE Kinect game and that'd be cool! I don't think that's 100% realistic nor what this is about but one day it will be fun.

SixZeroFour2807d ago

wwe kinect? think of all the injurys and broken furniture articles, let alone the fail videos

Active Reload2807d ago

That's the UK chin and grin...

WhiteNoise2807d ago

PM + "fresh concept" should never be in the same sentence, even if it is not in regard to him.

"Fable 4: with new and improved farting and burping, it truly is an RPG for adults"

/massive MF facepalm.

CherryLu-Chan2807d ago

Peter then told journalists he's invented a cereal made of space kittens that could cure cancer, that he once had a locket that could completely electrocute the left side of your body' and that he can read the minds of elephants. :D

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