That beta was SOCOMical 4 - Gamers Riot

Co-host Nelly plays the SOCOM 4 beta. But the experience of needing to find it, coupled with its middling gameplay, left him feeling like it wasn't worth the trouble.

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Joni-Ice2778d ago

Just so you know, Socom 4 Beta was under "New Releases" Tab. 1 Click away. Yes you can go through demos and other ways but you took the long way.

da305kratos2778d ago

I find it ironic how you say the game is comical, yet your piece fits the bill too...hmmmm

the beta does have a couple things that I dont like as a socom game vet (maybe there is a button out there for these that i don't know, please let me know)

- You can't switch from right to left in aiming (toggle trigger hand left/right)
- What button do you use to switch between grenades and lets say flashb bangs?!?
-Also, the cover system is not smooth at all...other than that, the beta us looking nice

nycrekid2778d ago

Hahahah this site is so comical. Fucking retard can't navigate PSN. These shit sites need to die.

likedamaster2778d ago

Been playing the beta, I'll pass. Game's just not for me.

stevenhiggster2778d ago

Only thing I hated was the crappy download system, took about 3hrs in total to download!

da305kratos2778d ago

lucky u, i saw how slow it was going because of the load on their servers and i left my ps3 running all night. even worse, once i got on there was a patch update...and then server maintenance in the afternoon...but understandable knowing its a beta

CyberCam2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

WOW... 3hrs? I wonder if you could post your internet speeds? I was in the beta since day one, however I downloaded the beta on my 2nd PS3 at the end of week 3 (Kz3 voucher)... it took me 20mins and my connection speed is 10MB down & 1.6MB up.

My little brother & nephew both downloaded it the 1st day it was open to the public and it only took them 35mins with 5MB down & 800kb up!

Wonder what your problem was? Bad hops between you and the server possibly?

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