Madden NFL 12 Release Date Pushed Back Three Weeks

Madden NFL 12 will be arriving in stores on August 30th, three weeks later than its traditional second Tuesday in August date.

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Rainstorm812722d ago

in the words of Shang Tsung "It has Begun!"

They need to get this lockout taken care of i can only imagine the effect it will have come this fall.

SuperbVillain2722d ago

It'll screw things up for a lot of ppl....including the chicken wing industry

Rainstorm812722d ago

Yea id hate to see Buffalo Wild wings on sunday with no football or any sports bar. Americas #1 sports drives alot of businesses during football season.

Too_many_games2722d ago

i hope the season fails to happen, that would be awesome!

Rainstorm812722d ago

Why? What are you some kind of disgruntled house wife that hates football?

firefoxprime2722d ago

Meh. I just want this sport back in the hands of 2KSports. Atleast they didn't treat it like a weak cashcow like EA.

I was a D-line back in HS(3 years ago)

I find it so ironic...that the manliest american sport, involves muscular men grabbing each others bodies...In tights.

So..ironic. Same can be said for wrestling.

Urrakia342722d ago

I seriously cannot even fathom the idea of going a WHOLE year without football......

MostJadedGamer2722d ago

You won't have to go without football. The only football that matters; college football will still be alive in well.

The NFL is boring with a meaningless regular season.

Urrakia342721d ago

@MostJadedGamer- LMAO yea righhhhht. Because football with a completly broken playoff system is soooo much better......

slate912721d ago

^ What Urrakia34 said...

Mikeyy2722d ago

So whats new for Madden 12?