Edge Magazine's Max Payne 3 Cover Story

Rockstar writes - "Don't say we didn't warn you.

We recently dropped a few teaser screenshots to let you know more Max info was on the way. This week, the latest issue of Edge magazine has made its way to subscribers and will hit newsstands across the UK with a long-awaited look at Max Payne 3, featuring all-new screens, artwork and lots of new information."

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L33tMasta2807d ago

They're going to royally fuck this game up. Cover system, not Remedy, not the same voice actor. This is smelling more and more like an over hyped flop.

Cheeseknight282807d ago

Overhyped? There's almost no hype for this game yet. Only fans of the original who are excited to see one of their favorite franchises return. "Overhyped" gets thrown around entirely too much on this site.

Also, Rockstar has yet to make anything less than fantastic this generation. GTA4, Chinatown, Red Dead, and soon L.A. Noire. If LA does poorly, you have cause to worry. Otherwise, MP3 will do just fine.

I'd rather have Remedy do Alan Wake 2 anyway.

zeeshan8102807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

- Same voice actor
- They kept the same atmosphere
- New thing cover system

Oldman1002807d ago

I finally got to play the second. I hope they capture the feel and atmosphere of the first two. I expect to see captain baseball bat boy make a return.

zeeshan8102807d ago

They are keeping the same atmosphere.