From Premium to Elite : Should you upgrade?

This article looks at the decisions taken in to account when upgrading to the Xbox 360 Elite from the Premium console and asks if it's really worth it.

Can you really justify spending £300 on an upgrade?

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ReBurn4079d ago

I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade. The only true hardware difference was HDMI, and now all 360 consoles with have that.

The only way I think an upgrade would be justified for me is if my console were out of warranty and I wanted the extra HDD space. The hit you take on a trade doesn't make up for the difference between upgrading and buying a new 120gb HDD.

ReBurn4078d ago

I have a PS3. A Wii, too.

EZCheez4079d ago

The Premium in the picture has buttons on the left side. That's hardcore.

Proxy4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

It don't matter if you're black or white...

as long as you know which....

Mikey_Gee4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I think if you are a first time buyer and the extra hard drive space will come into play, the Elite is the one for you.


If you don't intend on DL'ing videos, demos, game add on and expantions, yadda yadda and KEEPING THEM on your HD, you really do not need it. The bigger HD is the MAIN difference now ....

I like to keep my Demos so I just bought a 120GB drive for my premium (plus walmart marked it wrong and I got it for $100) and I must admit I really do like the extra space. Plus by buying it I got the transfer cable in the box .. NICE !!

I do not mention HDMI any more since ALL 360's will now have it. One thing with the elite is you get the AV adptor (the one to use HDMI and OPTICAL OUT) at the same time where as you do not with the premium and it runs an extra $50.

BUT .. was around it are as follows ...

Push you audio AND video to your TV with the HDMI and then go OPTICAL from your TV to you Amp via OPTICAL (or better yet run HDMI right to your amp if it has it)


Just break off the hard case around the HD cable you get with it and BOTH will fit as seen here:

ceedubya94079d ago

especially now when the only main difference is the HDD size. As long as they play the same games, i'm fine.

funkysolo4079d ago

and all you have to do is upgrade the HDDrive. which is cheaper than replacing your console every 3 months because M$ decides to add a PS3 feature

Mikey_Gee4078d ago

.. but dude, your comments are so fvcken stupid.


The 360 is a fantastic console with killer games and killer online. Open your eyes and see that. I am not telling you to buy a 360 or take the t!t of Sony out of your mouth any time soon .... but give up the BullSh!t ........ PLEASE !!

All you do is make yourself look like a bigger tool than you already are.

Gondee4077d ago

HDMI is becoming the standerd cable for HD video. Thats not copying from sony. I like the compent beause my tv is old.
I love how a larger hard drive is copy sony, and probly also dell all the computer manufactures -_-

I was lookin at buying a ps3, does it come with one of these

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The story is too old to be commented.