Garry's Mod catches pirates the fun way

Garry Newman – the creator of Garry’s Mod – recently asked, quite innocently, whether anyone was unable to shade polygon normals. Indeed it does seem that there are a few people who are experiencing problems with their game. can hear Newman’s chuckling from here. It seems that the developer has deliberately enabled an error in GMod, which will only affect people who have pirated the game.

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kyl2772807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

This is genius! Gotta love his sense of humour, at least he didn't sue them for stealing his code...


Only joking :)

bobrea2807d ago

I remember when Garry's Mod used to be free.

Charmers2807d ago

Why is this even news ? Software developers have been doing this for years it isn't anything new and it doesn't just affect pirates. I remember one of the more notorious examples of this DRM was the "always on drunk cam" in GTA 4. It didn't take long for the pirates to find the triggers but legit users are still suffering the piracy trigger years later.

Now from what I have read of this story it certainly doesn't sound like it is only pirates being affected. Actual customers that have bought the game have had this glitch and they have had an uphill battle trying to convince this "Garry Newman" that they actually paid for the game.

Ducky2807d ago

What's giving you the indication that legit buyers are being affected by this?
The errors pops up the steam ID. No id means banhammer.

Charmers2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I did not say they were being banned but the game they BOUGHT was crippled with an anti-piracy measure (they could not play their purchased game because of this piracy trigger).

This story is trying to make out that only "pirates" were affected. That is clearly not the case it also affected legitimate purchasers of the game. If you need proof that legit customers were affected then look here :-

Makes you wonder how many legit customers are affected by this "clever clogs" anti-piracy measure and they just put it down to the game being buggy.

So he got two legit bans out of this, inconvenienced god knows how many legit customers. Then as icing on the cake the pirates will have already found the triggers, removed them whilst legit customers will be stuck with these anti-piracy triggers in their game. Yeah this sounds like just about any other bull DRM that gets shoved down our throats. I think Garry Newman should consider working for EA they love making DRM that screws legit buyers too.

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StarScream4Ever2807d ago

Never jokes with Gabe Newell and pirated software.

f7897902807d ago

Nothing beats Arkham Asylum's bug where it wouldn't let pirates glide.