Surprise! Even More Phantasy Star Online 2 Info From Sega

Joel Taveras writes, "During a Sega visit to NYC last year we had the chance to chat up everything Phantasy Star Online 2 with Sega’s own Aaron Webber. After so much community feedback and people begging for any and all information PSO2 related we decided to do it again! Aaron joined us once again and shared what he knows about the title. Check out the full interview below!"

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Bigpappy2779d ago

Nice. But I am not paying monthly fees!

SilverSlug2779d ago

Glad Dualshockers are looking for info on the title.

NaiNaiNai2779d ago

A. he looks like hes 18-19 years old
B. DO WANT~~~~~~

e-p-ayeaH2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

It seems its going to be a NGP title as well from ive seen in that random trailer that showed up in the midle of the video.

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