Fallout: New Vegas Patch Incoming

Bethesda have confirmed a new patch is making its way to the public for all platforms of Fallout: New Vegas, which will improve the general stability and performance of the game. This patch is apparently being released in advance of the second piece of downloadable content, which will be announced “very soon”.

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mushroomwig2778d ago

Great, the performance of this game is terrible! It's a great game but there are just too many issues. I've never played a game where I'm worried that it'll freeze, forcing me to constantly save.

BlackTar1872778d ago

lol i saved every 2 minutes after i was burned like 5x.

a little late for a patch though.

InfiniteJustice2778d ago

Either they've been working for months on this patch and only just finished it... Or they're just bringing out a patch that probably won't do much just for the hell of it, to go along with the DLC.

More than likely it's the latter, but if this patch actually fixed some substantial problems like the constant crashing then I can live with that!

RankFTW2778d ago

I wish they would get all the DLC out faster so a GOTY edition gets released. Already completed it and going to wait untill then to play through again.

Solidus187-SCMilk2778d ago

quests anymore. Hope this will fix that. Im interested in the new DLC.

InfiniteJustice2778d ago

Wow I honestly thought Bethesda would never issue another patch. If this actually fixes the game up, I'd consider going for a second run

Blacklash932778d ago

A little late to the party?

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The story is too old to be commented.