Anonymous Ceasing DDoS Attacks Altogether, But Will “Pursue Other Ways Of Getting Sony’s Attention”

With Anonymous having ceased DDoS attacks so that the PSN consumers would not be harmed, and with George Hotz’s case having recently been settled, the future of the group’s war on Sony was uncertain. The collective of hackers and DDoSers have now released a PR statement regarding their future intentions.

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doctorstrange2681d ago

Looks like they've finally buggered off

Shanks2681d ago

"On April 16th, we will take the protests against Sony to the streets. We encourage anyone who is able to come to a nearby Sony Store to support the cause, even if you are not usually involved with Anonymous. This is not just about Anonymous – this is about your rights."

desperate much?

doctorstrange2681d ago

I'm tempted to go to the one in central london just to see the one guy that turns up with a Guy Fawkes mask so I can have a good laugh

Ryo-Hazuki2681d ago

these guys are desperate for attention

NewMonday2681d ago

BS, I keep getting sign-out from PSN all day, the attacks are coming from somewhere.

gaden_malak2681d ago

"I'm tempted to go to the one in central london just to see the one guy that turns up with a Guy Fawkes mask so I can have a good laugh"

You should show up with a scream mask instead.

NewMonday2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

@ disagrees
This is really happening to me and a couple of my friends, one of them said other hackers are maintaining the attacks.

Weird thing is this started to happen to me today; I was not affected by the first attacks.

morganfell2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

"....this is about your rights."

I really want to see other thieves besides anonymous, for example bank robbers who are on the same level, use that excuse in court.

And BTW, using the mask associated with V is awarding a bunch of low life basement dwellers an honor they do not deserve. In the future post a more accurate portrayal of anonymous with this:

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RankFTW2681d ago

Another great triumph for Anonymous...

RankFTW2680d ago

15 people don't understand sarcasm.

AyeGee2680d ago

You can't really tell who's being sarcastic through text..

HolyOrangeCows2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Looks like they're bored already. They'll probably have 10 protesters out of the 1000 signers actually show up, as usual.

10 people at a Sony Outlet store! Oh no! Sony is d00med unless they give in to their demands and give them the rights to their IPs! CNN will be ALLLL over that!

"goes out to look at the sky for falling cows"
The expression is usually with pigs, but....uh....

DarkBlood2681d ago

you mean flying pigs :P ?

xAlmostPro2681d ago

Lol props to sony for actually having the balls to face all these hackers head on and not sit down once it got serious..

Now look, they effed over geo hot(also turned hackers against him), caused fear for alot of hackers now that they are able to impose such rules.. and now anon are resorting to public protests and begging for randoms to join lol..

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Sev2681d ago

Good. This was bullshit anyway.

kenpachi2681d ago

You've got my attention now f*** off

Dart892681d ago

They're just looking for attention nothing to see here folks move along.

yewles12681d ago

They just can't admit that they failed... XD

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